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Open Letter
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sent on 27th October 2014

Alan R Suttie
27 Spring Grove
Tel 07856 662 143
customers4 justice.com

Independent Police Complaints Commission
P.O. Box 473
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My Ref 2014/025910
24 October 2014

‘An Open Letter to the Independent Police Complaints Commission’
This letter will appear on the ‘customers4justice’ web site in due course.

Dear Sir/Madam

My experience over the past 7 years in attempting to bring the self confessed, untouchable criminals at Barclays Bank to book has been routinely thwarted by an indolent ‘Pass the Buck’ sham regulatory system, far more intent on protecting individual Bankers than ever supporting the ordinary individual customer. Sadly the Police and the wider justice system now seem ever more clearly complicit in this conspiracy of studied inaction.

The customers4justice second Open Letter, this time to the IPCC, outlines my personal experience, my reasoning behind this conclusion and the chronology of my efforts (with names where appropriate), to confront Barclays and the dismissive response of a wholly dysfunctional regulatory system clearly and intentionally unfit for purpose re-justice for the ordinary individual. All my conversations were recorded (at my request) and anyone I mention by name, as indeed Inspector Stuart Buchan of the Mitcham Constabulary advised me, so constructively can contact a Solicitor, the Citizens Advice Bureau or indeed Action Fraud for fair redress if they honestly believe I have misrepresented them in any way.

Tuesday 8th April 2014, five months after my online ‘Barclays White Feather Award’ campaign began. At 11am I contacted the Law Society, on 02072421222 to ask for help re my long-term allegations of Fraud, Harassment and Defamation against Barclays Bank and to ask why the police could not even entertain viewing my clear evidence or even interview me. The lady at the Law Society said it was not their role to comment on such things and that I should contact the Ministry of Justice on 02033343555. This I did at 11.30am. They too were unable to offer a view except that I might contact the Home Office for their comment on 02070354848. I phoned the Home Office at 11.45am and told them that I had been advised to do so by the Ministry of Justice. Once again I was told ‘not our remit!’ try the IPCC on 03000200096. This I dutifully did at 12 midday, the far more helpful gentleman at the IPCC was rather more forthcoming. I told him I didn’t want to make an official complaint at this time but merely requested his advice. Having heard my story he said categorically ‘the Police should have taken my criminal allegations against Barclays seriously, this was their job and their duty’.

I have made these allegations at least 4 times in the past 5 years and 3 further times very recently. His advice was that I take this further and make an official complaint. I explained that the Mitcham Police had now formally cautioned me at ‘Barclays request 'for' Criminal Damage’ re my heinous easy-peel White Feather sticker crimes against society and that I did not want to alienate the Police with a complaint against them for their continued inaction in my case at this sensitive time incase it should prejudice my situation. The gentleman at the IPCC said this should never ever happen, though he could understand my concern.

My Barclays White Feather campaign and the customers4justice web site were created as a direct challenge, not only to Barclays criminal behavior in its dealings with me as an ordinary customer but just as importantly to confront the continued inaction and refusal of the Police to investigate my allegations against Barclays or to even look at my evidence over a 7 year period and even to this day.

Three more months passed by and when Barclays Bank Mitcham withdrew their pathetic allegations of ‘Criminal Damage’ against me and the Police then withdrew their formal caution then and only then did I make a complaint against Mitcham Police for their continued inaction in my case. On the advice of the IPCC I sent my complaint directly to you.

My complaint having been accepted for consideration, I was invited to visit Mitcham Police Station at 11am on 11th August 2014 to be interviewed by Inspector Stuart Buchan a very decent man. After our very civilized meeting, Inspector Buchan stated that ‘with the balance of hindsight’, the Metropolitan Police Service could have been more pragmatic in looking into the issues at the time I raised them 5 years ago. MY RESPONSE, fine, it really is very good of Mr. Buchan to rightly regret this clear historic lack of Police action, BUT, what on earth is preventing him and his force NOW investigating my criminal allegations against Barclays Bank? As he knows only too well, I have tried my damndest to get his officers to investigate my allegations 3 times even in the two months prior to our interview. This was the whole substance of my Police complaint!

During our half hour interview I also made a point of showing Mr. Buchan one of the fake demands from a spurious firm of Solicitors concocted by Barclay’s very own ‘in-house’ tacky debt collector RMA, (Westminsters Solicitors). ‘copy enclosed’. Given this single piece of paper evidence, Inspector Buchan suggested that this could elevate Barclay’s treatment of me to that of possible Blackmail. As a result, he very clearly and pointedly advised me to contact ‘Action Fraud’ as soon as possible. Hope at last. How very remiss then of Mr. Buchan in his complaint response letter, (copy enclosed) to forget this extremely crucial advice to me and to only remember his suggestion that I should consult either a Solicitor or the Citizens Advice Bureau to further my case. I did as ever request that our interview be recorded from the outset and I do hope it was, as routinely it would be. Nonetheless, Inspector Buchan will acknowledge his omission; he is an honest man, if a little forgetful in this important detail.

On returning home from my interview with Inspector Buchan on 11th August and on his specific advice, I phoned Action Fraud the same day at 12.45 (tel: 03001232040). Jen at the Edinburgh call centre took my statement and decided to then pass my details on to a more important team at Action Fraud. Jen told me I would be contacted in due course. For potential evidential purposes and because Inspector Buchan also said that any further evidence I could gather would be helpful, I called RMA at 2.20 the same afternoon on (08700492334) to quiz in-house representatives re the status and bone fides of so called Westminsters Solicitors (copy enclosed). It was actually a very simple task to elicit sufficient evidence from RMA (Barclay’s tacky debt collectors) to prove these so called Solicitors are fake and actually a mere device for ‘Blackmailing’ vulnerable indebted customers. As it happens I had already exposed these criminal tactics adopted by Barclays on the customers4justice website in April 2014. Subsequently the Daily Mail et al used my efforts to launch a front-page exposé of these fake blackmail demands 5 months later. As ever the Police had refused to view my evidence and I was forced to ‘do their job’ for them and it wasn’t difficult.

On the 13 August 2014, Peter West of Action Fraud called me. The approximately 20 minute conversation was, as ever, recorded on my request. Mr. West was very open and reasonable and was adamant that if I was correct and these letters were ‘fake’ demands from spurious so-called Solicitors, requesting money or in my case, un-owed money, simply to intimidate the recipient, then the Police really should take action to investigate my case. He told me to go back to Stuart Buchan at Mitcham Police Station. I think you will agree this was becoming somewhat farcical! Not one of these so called regulators, any establishment body or the Police has the stomach or it would seem the inclination or motivation to do the one thing millions of ordinary Bank customers demand and at last take on these individual criminal Bankers. Even with the clear evidence of Fraud and Harassment gathered by such as me. (However at the behest of Barclays they did somehow muster the effort and find the extremely valuable time to pursue ME ‘criminally’ for my terrible crimes against vulnerable and powerless Bankers, how tragically, typical and telling! This clearly undermines any belief in Police impartiality I may once have held).

The Crime Survey of England and Wales does not record massively increasing financial fraud figures as a separate category. This allows almost 50% of fraud to ‘not’ reflect on crime figures and Politicians can then falsify, manipulate and cover up the reality of this burgeoning criminality for their own shabby short-termist expedience. Commander Steve Head of the city of London Constabulary was last week reported as saying that financial crime was in his opinion woefully underinvestigated and that he wanted to see more cases taken up by the Met. Sadly, Police forces in the main, are ill-equipped re-time, manpower, expertise and motivation in this specialist area and feel disinclined to get involved. Consequently, as in my case such individual banker fraud must go uncriminalized, with instead, a rather embarrassing and unedifying game of ‘Pass the Parcel’ ensuing between Action Fraud and the Police, with each vying with the other as to whose responsibility it is to ‘not’ proceed, both claiming it to be the role of the other. Add to this the sham ‘Banker Friendly’ pseudo regulatory system, headed up by a corrupted and complicit Financial Conduct Authority whose raison d’être is clearly to cover up and protect at all possible cost individual Bankers from the consequences of their brazen and self confessed criminality.

Action Fraud cannot act proactively unless the FCA flag-up Banker behavior as criminal, they are in fact a glorified advisory body. The Police are now a bewildered and overstretched ‘pawn’ in an increasingly sophisticated world of financial crime and as such are understandably disinclined to take up the task Action fraud insists is their duty. Oddly, both admit someone must investigate my case. The CPS, the Ministry of Justice, the Law Society, the Home Office, the FCA, Politicians and now Action Fraud and the Police all say ‘it’s not our problem guv, not our remit’.

Where does this now leave me? With a heavy heart, I must and now do accept that the Police et al have no desire, intention or motivation to pursue individual criminal Bankers for the likes of ME! This is now demonstrably clear. There is not a ‘Cat in Hells’ chance that such as I could ever pursue Barclays in the Criminal Court. Politicians have now contrived that this should only be an option for celebrities, the rich, ‘Bankers’, Politicians, the Judiciary themselves and a few very privileged others. This of course means that with the Police now effectively out of the picture, individual Bankers will never be criminalized, untainted in their own elite world, still in post, the same amoral cretins still in charge of the gilded asylum!

My only option now is the Civil Courts. Sadly and wouldn’t you just know it the Government has recently increased court fees 5 fold! Legal Aid is now a ‘dead parrot’ and even some illustrious Judges and Barristers have woken up to the fact that ‘just and equal representation in law ‘ is a mere utopian memory in England today, hence recent strike action. Or is it that these gents now fear that even the previously bottomless judicial gravy-train, surely their birthright, is now under real threat too. Hey ho, onwards and upwards.

As I write this letter a tacky gang of lobbyists from some of the most infamous High Street Banks, with the BBA and Boy George Osborne at the helm are fighting gamely to ‘head off’ long awaited EU directives backed by most decent European countries to at last effectively cap Banker bonuses. Surely, just what we have all been waiting for!

Between them, George and his highly ethical ‘Band of Brothers, fighting on behalf of all us Brits have already contrived successfully to subvert and nullify any potential threat to Bankers from this alien spectre of cancerous morality from the clean world by simply raising Bankers already obscene annual salaries ahead of any impending EU edict. What a bunch of Craven Racketeers!!

The IPCC clearly have the right simply to ignore this letter. If you do feel able or minded to offer a view, or that it is your responsibility to do so please, if nothing else, answer this one simple question. Why are individual Bankers allowed by the Police, the judiciary and the so called invertebrate Regulators to get ‘clean away’ with mass, brazen criminality for which ordinary decent men and women in this country would be routinely and rightly incarcerated? If you will not answer, could you please suggest who might?

Yours Respectfully
A R Suttie