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open letter
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A Banker Lends You His Umbrella When It’s Sunny
and Wants It Back When It Rains
Robert Frost


This site had been created specifically as a warning to all prospective customers of Barclays Bank and of Barclays Insurance Dublin of the reality of the treatment you might well expect. Banks are now geared up and primed to take full advantage of an improved economy and to once again woo innocent customers through chummy advertising campaigns. Barclays are keen, in fact 'desperate' now to forge ahead as if their past behaviour was a mere figment in the imagination of customers such as me. Please read this open letter detailing my personal experience before committing innocently to any Barclays package product or insurance policy. It may serve to inform your decision.

I want to make it very clear that nothing I say is a criticism of the overwhelmingly decent, serially exploited, generally underpaid ‘front of house’ staff in Barclays or indeed any other High Street Bank.  I have received messages of support from many and would not want them further tainted by association with their ludicrously overpaid, morally bankrupt, unrepentant bosses. On the contrary I am extremely grateful for your generous encouragement.
Thank you