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As well as appearing on the C4J website the following piece is being sent directly to relevant MPs, Ministers and to The Times newspaper by request. We would hope to receive a reply to the piece. Please send to our email address. All responses will be posted in full. This well respected site has 150,000 regular followers and no other recent subject has prompted such passion as this one.

13 October 2016
The Shame of Aleppo
I have now come to despise my own nightly routine of turning away from and switching off the harrowing pictures from Aleppo. I of course have the luxury of turning a blind eye and have begun to do so now in shameful impotent despair. In truth I have never been able to comfortably witness the suffering of children and am something of a coward in such circumstances. Even programmes such as children’s hospital prove too much for me. I cannot now in all humanity continue to ignore the plight of Aleppo and it’s civilian population without at least a possibly futile but genuine effort to prompt some belated action, which seems so obvious, so urgent and so late in coming. Why on earth why don’t we the British, the Americans and the so called Western Alliance et al not at least supply the remaining anti-Assam rebels in Aleppo with sophisticated hand held and truck mounted anti aircraft missile launchers (as many as they need). This may not change the balance of power but it will at least give the rebels some form of viable retaliation, principally against Assad’s helicopter barrel bombs.

Even if one of these missiles brought down a Russian jet, (though most unlikely) with it’s murderous bunker-busting payload, this would be perfectly acceptable in this theatre of war and rather difficult for Russia to justifiably escalate. Lets be honest Russia has always been batting the enemy in this conflict with little or no regard for IS eradication. Civilian collateral has never been a moral impediment to Putin’s skewed strategy. In reality the monstrous Assad’s survival is the only game in town for Russia with the resultant friendly base and port in the Middle East an understandable prize and counter threat to a not always unjustifiably perceived NATO expansionism.

Aleppo’s civilian population are merely expendable meat in the grinder of war to Putin and to the Western Alliance a thoroughly tragic and inevitable consequence of hollow threats, blurred red lines, strategic hand wringing and in this country betrayal by Labour Party veto and Russia apologists from certain stop the war campaigners.

We have no moral qualms about selling the despotic Saudi regime sophisticated arms and fighter jets that even we the British can’t afford for our own armed forces, about 11billion in sales over the last 7 years! We British are, always have been and probably always will be one of the biggest sellers of arms in the world. This is no criticism but just for once can’t we target these arms to a relatively small, besieged group of rebel fighters and their families who we once identified as our friends? This may not save them from seemingly inevitable annihilation but in our absence it would at least allow them the dignity of a spirited last stand and possibly place the seed of fear in Assad’s helicopter ‘heroes’.

None of what I write is intended as a criticism of the ordinary Russian population. We the British have a lot in common with the Russian people and have fought bravely with them against tyranny in the past. Some of us have forgotten this, our leaders have seemingly lost their way and the world is now a very dangerous place. Rather controversially, I hope the Russian people and even the British can see through the propaganda (yes on both sides) recognise the genuine respect for one another and do all we can together to end this pointless suffering.

27 March 2016
I’ve stayed out of the referendum debate for a good reason. This is not overtly a political site; in truth I am very pleased with the decision of the British people. As per usual bankers the rich city traders and their cronies backed the wrong horse and in spite of the fact that democracy has at last reared it’s ugly head and spoken and that the elite have seemingly lost their influence we should now all come together to implement the peoples decision. The problem is politicians of all parties clearly despise their electorate and they find it difficult to carry out their instruction. In a country were our children could no longer go from school to college to work and the then earn a wage sufficient to purchase their own home and where the gap in earnings between the rich and poor was increasing daily which seems fine with those who lead us is it any surprise that the electorate should say enough is enough. The danger is that those who lost the debate and their spokesman including the BBC will talk us into recession by their predictions of doom and gloom. The markets have not crashed, Armageddon did not happen and the pound is trading at a level it was last February. What we really need now is a period of patriotism even in those vociferous poor losers and a conviction to make the future work as the forward thinking decent nation we once were and surely are. Today Thomas Kielinger of the German Times (De Welt) said he was excited by what the British had done could not see any long term problem with our decision and was clear that England and Germany have far more in common as great trading nations to effect their on-going relationship. We must now accept this result pull together and not allow those voices of doom and gloom stand in the way of a very bright future for this country. Lastly I am very positive and excited for the future of this country thank everybody who have read this site over the years weather or not the have agreed with my views and this will be the last post I will write. Thank you very much I wish you all well.
If anybody wants to get in touch please email me.

28 March 2016
American Elections
A heartfelt well intended message to our American friends and an English perspective surely echoing the fears of a bewildered world. President Obama has taken it upon himself to enter into a debate on the rights and wrongs of Britain’s possible exit from the EU. Mostly it would seem from a self-interested American point of view. This is no criticism of his motives for so doing, how America relates to Europe is his fair priority his conclusions on the other hand differ with many across the pond.

A message and a warning for America given the now very clear ad frightening xenophobic views of your possible future Commander in Chief Donald Trump please reflect if you will very carefully on a moment in history some 56 years ago when the world was on the brink of real nuclear Armageddon with only the clear and measured response and instincts of a decent American President. The difference between life and death for billions around the world please imagine if you will that if by some dreadful twist of fate the Donald was that incumbent President and the arbiter of world survival with his cold dead finger on the nuclear button. A question, if he had been that president at that critical moment for us all can you honestly say that any of you would even be alive now to contest this strongest and most frightening of all American elections.

The fate and future of a very concerned world, your children and grandchildren included hangs in the balance of the decision you will now make. Please share this message with others.

23 March 2016
This appeared in the Daily Mail after we published our piece on the same subject.

daily mail

18 March 2016
Well I’m back
Another massive victory for the banks. The utterly bewildered serious fraud office has been so heavily leaned on that it has decided to drop charges against the banks for massive rigging of the foreign exchange markets. According to Mark Carney a fraud even bigger and more serious than Libor! So called players would rig the markets make massive killings and the email each other with slimy comments such as ‘ if you are not cheating you are not working’ the SFO has much compelling evidence of these crimes over several years but lack the guts the confidence and the support of the old boy judiciary network and the hopeless regulatory bodies to find the courage to proceed. And just think, the banks want us to stop victimising them fat chance.

Another bombshell since I was away, with very little fanfare, the London Stock Exchange and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange are apparently on the verge of a merger that will produce a combined company worth 21 billion pounds. Almost unbelievably, but sadly typical of the British today Frankfurt will become the major shareholder. Is it just naïve old me, or we not always taught to believe that the City of London is the financial capital of the world? (of Europe at the very least) and the size expertise independence and unmatched reputation of the London Stock Exchange is a veritable and irreplaceable powerhouse to be proud of and the very agent of our status internationally now and going forward. So what do they do they give it away? The incredible and surely politically explosive reason given for this potential merger soon to be known as the Frankfurt-London Exchange (we had better get used to this shameful hierarchical emphasis) is that the new merged body will be far more effective in attracting world business to Europe!!!!! What a slap in the face and body blow to the Brexit camp and to Boris but the city seems hell bent on giving away a major icon and engine of Britain’s fiscal potency immediately prior to the Brexit vote.

I for one am utterly mystified as to how we can allow this provocative move, unless, as ever all we have been told and given to believe about the Exchange and its crucial role in Britain’s success was mere fabrication. Surely any sensible construct of British independence from Europe or even a revised deal with Europe would be all but emasculated if this shameful merger and rank fiscal submission is allowed to succeed. In any scenario would it not be more fitting and business savvy to look to attracting world business to London rather than to Europe.

20 February 2016
Sorry to be a harbinger of gloom but I must warn all followers of this site that in my opinion another very deep and very damaging financial crisis looms large on the global horizon. While Cameron fights gamely in Brussels and at home to keep the Conservative Party together and Osborne blindly pampers his senior banker mates, a country called China is on the brink of what they would have you believe is a fiscal adjustment but what is in fact the bursting of the biggest and potentially the most disastrous bubble in financial history. It is no coincidence that HSBC one of the worlds largest banks with a balance sheet ten times the value of the Hong Kong economy has decided to swallow its worthless pride and stay in London where ‘Bail outs are us’ lucky old us. Could it be that as some of us have noticed HSBC is the most dangerously exposed bank in its umbilical links and loans to the imminently imploding China? With typically naïve zeal Osborne Cameron and famously blinkered Masters of the universe the senior city bankers have all once again enthusiastically embarrassed China's unsustainably stratospheric rise and are about to lumber the rest of us with our unavoidable exposure to a predictably similar stratospheric crash.  It is possible that the City o London. if it doesn’t wake up to this real and urgent threat will face a future not unlike our tragic steel industry Australia’s mining sector is already in freefall due largely to their overexposure to China’s now faltering miracle.

My advice to anyone exposed in any way to the Chinese economy, sell now before Cameron, Osborne and the genius bankers wake up to the threat. If you delay, brokers will be so overwhelmed and preoccupied with bailing themselves out and the oh so clued up high flyers in the city who blindly swallowed their crazy advice that you little investor will be very quickly shut out of the exit strategy. The lifeboats will be overwhelmed with elite panicking fat cats and the great unwashed will be tossed to the icy depths.

Some good news though, with all this turmoil in the offing and in a panic move to pre-empt the fallout, the pay comities of HSBC Barclays Lloyds and the Royal bank of Scotland have now moved to rubberstamp another 5 billion pounds in senior banker bonuses for yet another spectacular year of greed and failure. A mere 7 million of this junket will trickle down grudgingly endangered long suffering much maligned and always decent front of house staff. Good luck

3 February 2016
Other than the most craven heartless bigot who amongst us could fail to be constantly moved and even shamed by the plight of the hundreds of thousands of would be asylum seekers, men women and children, risking all and losing all in an often vain attempt to find a safer better life? These poor souls often find themselves in relentless danger as a direct result of our ill thought out, sometimes justified sometimes illegal and mischievous interventions on the world stage. I propose a moral, practical, honourable and legal solution to this countrys’ responsibilities to these tragic masses.
Over the last five years approximately 250,000 migrants have successfully and legally settled in this country annually, at the same time much respected bodies have suggested that 250,000 illegal immigrants have also somehow managed to enter this country annually on spurious grounds and remain undetected and largely ignored by those whose job it surely is to detect and deport them.

Every deserving seeker who applies to resettle in Britain should have his or her case urgently and compassionately considered and in most cases would I hope be granted either temporary or permanent asylum. Given our part in the dismantling of civilised society in many of their counties of origin this is surely the least we could do. Crucially and strictly, hand in hand with this humane and responsible response would be the clear undertaking that for every single legitimate and deserving soul we allow into this country one illegal immigrant is arrested and deported. If this approach was adopted immediately we could at a stroke rescue those tragic unwilling seafarers whose lives are so cruelty manipulated even on their harrowing journey as a mere revenue stream by those entrepreneurial monsters we call people smugglers. By adopting this humane approach. We would effectively stabilise pressure on our social resources and on our natural resources whilst at the time fulfil our moral duty to those desperate souls legitimately seeking refuge and safety on these islands.
Conclusion we have it in our power to do what is right for legitimate desperate asylum seekers and at the same time effectively stabilise and even reduce the pressure of numbers on civil society and increasingly scarce resources in this country. All we need is for the police, politicians, the immigration services and the courts to get off their backsides and at last do the job they are elected or paid to do.


28 January 2016 
Six Teflon coated city traders accused of serially manipulating the Libor rate have been acquitted after an ineptly staged jury trial hosted by the Serious Fraud Office. This on the day that the FCA has decided to pursue naughty bank executives from failed bank HBOS of their crimes.  Do you think this will end any differently? If as we know you really don’t want to genuinely prosecute senior bankers for their myriad crimes, please don’t waste anymore tax payers money pretending to do so. Prediction the FCA will get half way through the complicated evidence and either have their case thrown out of court or they will voluntarily bail out themselves when they at last accept that they are simply not up to the task of taking on filthy rich senior bankers and their very expensive parasitic senior lawyers.

The will, the guile, the expertise and the political inclination to effectively tackle these crooks simply does not exist in the British financial regulatory armory. Please don’t delude yourselves or us to suggest it does, you are all totally outgunned. Lets use this fanciful aspiration by the FCA as a test of the new head man Mr Andrew Bailey ex Bank of England and I predict further embarrassing failures and cover ups, old cynic that I am.

21 January 2016
Urgent warning to all pensioners tempted to liberate their pension pot for investment in wonderful money making schemes anyone tempted to or at the point of investing in a self storage company called ‘Store First’ do not do it. ‘Store First’ is a fraudulent company which has already taken over £200 million from unsuspecting pensioners who will never see their savings again. ‘Store First’ was advertised by Quentin Wilson the sports journalist who now regrets all association with it. ‘Store First’ are a scam company run by Mr Toby Whitaker from Group First headquarters. Do not be tempted to invest in this company. Action Fraud was aware of this company over a year ago and has done little to challenge it. In the meantime pensioners continue to lose money.

ADVICE unless you really need to invest in something cast iron and above board please leave your pensions where they are they will sustain you through old age when most other tin pot schemes won’t and you will probably pay any profit you might have made to agents in arrangement fees, to financial advisers and then to the tax man when supposedly investing sensibly only ever take out 25% of your pension pot in one year or the tax man will take 40%. Pensions are there for a good reason. There is now a massive industry of scammers out there for these pension pots. C4J was the first to warn of this over a year ago and little was done then by Government and far too little is being done now.

18 January 2016
How utterly disgusting and despicable to see our young soldiers being hounded relentlessly by vultures like Bethany Shiner of PIL Public Interest Lawyers whose agent was recently found touting illegally for business by approaching the alleged Iraqi victims of often spurious crimes supposedly committed in the heat of battle by lads and lassies in the midst of combat extremis. Please compare this dishonorable witch hunt to the behavior of Sir John Chilcot and his laughably crass and confident disinclination to bring to book his old mate and utterly avaricious greasy war criminal whose clear lies and Machiavellian plottings put many of these decent young men and women in harms way illegally in the first place. Many British families know this at a terrible cost! I will now say what others won’t. Whatever his loyal mate Lord Chilcot serves up as inevitable exoneration of Tony Blair the war criminal. It means less than nothing other than a totally predictable whitewash. Any solace or clarity Chilcott could have brought to the picture or to bereaved families effectively evaporated years ago and hand has now become irrelevant, puerile personal insult to all. Let's turn the Chilcot gravy train tap off immediately and consign his meaningless enquiry report to the dustbin of history. If my words are actionable so be it.

Similarly, how touching that hounded bankers feel that they have suffered enough of a kicking by decent society and that they now feel entitled to move on when not one senior banker has been prosecute for bringing this country to its knees. Do they not so easily forget how the whole cretinous banking industry quite correctly pursued fraudster Nick Leeson relentlessly through the courts for bringing down Barings the world’s oldest bank? As it happens, Leeson was a reckless criminal who did great damage to his industry and destroyed his employers and the livelihoods of his employees. Can anyone please explain why Nick Leeson was pursued to prosecution and eventually jailed for years when senior bankers have been totally let of the hook by politicians gutless CPS and the clueless police? Closure can only ever be achieved or reasonably sought when those who commit crimes are brought to book, unless of course they have the friends and connections of the late Greville Janner, Cyril Smith, Jimmy Savile, Tony Blair, Bob Diamond or Fred Goodwin.

At 8.20 this morning, during a rare grilling by the excellent John Humphries on radio 4 chancellor George Osborne, with breathtaking pomposity and in all seriousness actually stated that he thought we had an ‘exemplary banking regulatory system in this country’. Final proof surely of Mr Osborne’s clear dislocation from the hopeless reality as perceived by everyone else except himself and his banking acolyte mates. This is extremely worrying and portentous for the rest of us. Even if of great solace to his best chums the senior bankers. Quite extraordinarily George actually bragged to Mr Humphries that the FCA was a brand new regulatory body of his own creation.  In reality and in a rather tacky inept exercise in rebranding the FCA is merely an exact, if rather less independent and effective cloned reincarnation of the FSA its utterly discredited famously toothless and complicit predecessor. We all know this.

George, you really must take yourself and your office more seriously and treat the rest of us a little less disdainfully. At present Mr O is ostensibly running the FCA as surrogate puppet master. Tracy McDermott doesn’t want the job and the requisite yes man has yes man has yet to step forward and grasp the poisoned chalice from the previous incumbent Martin Wheatly, the man personally sacked by George for rather too enthusiastically confronting banker excess. Only redundant idiot senior bankers should apply although in reality anybody could do the job.

3 January 2016
Who on earth would have thought that an overwhelming contender for the 2016 annual Barclays white feather award would have stepped so ably forward on the very first day of the New Year? In a cynical and futile attempt to bury cowardly behaviour during the festive season, while most other decent citizens are enjoying a hard earned rest from the daily grind, that serially complicit bunch of invertebrates the FCA, (on the orders of puppet master George Osborne) sheepishly leaked the news that they have agreed to abandon their long promised comprehensive review of banking standards and the corrupt culture and behaviour of senior bankers. Boy George, following sham bleatings and threats from his bank lobbyist mates to ‘upsticks’ abandon London and take their disasterous fiscal ineptitude overseas has bullied the institutionally useless FCA into a shameful capitulation. This after Osborne sacked the previous FCA Chief Exec Martin Wheatley last year for his overzealous attempts to civilize corrupt bankers prior to his forced departure and then replace him with a yes man.

I think any reasonable person would want to see this crocked industry reformed and forgiven simply for the common good but only if bankers are actually made in any way to pay for their crimes as the rest of us are made to. This staggeringly cowardly but not altogether surprising decision by the FCA sakes it crystal clear that on orders from above criminal senior bankers have now escaped all common justice and instead now have the blinding green light from Osborne et al to continue to defraud at will with no spectre of future sanction or retrospective cost to themselves.  With vastly increased annual salaries, mind blowing end of season bonuses and now the thumbs up to revert to despicable type unchallenged who other than decent respectable folk wouldn’t want to be a banker. This dangerous decision has ensured the survival of that ancient repository of failed academics and otherwise unemployable idiot sons.  However futile our efforts may prove to be C4J will continue to harass and publicly shame this present manifestation of a once respectable socially useful industry until those involved begin to get it.  Not one senior banker has yet been prosecuted for crimes against society.

18 December 2015
Sorry to have been rather quiet of late, I am actually embroiled in a possible racial discrimination case involving an elderly and vulnerable English Romany gypsy couple, the Automobile Association, the Ford motor company and several other rather tacky bit players in a very shameful incident. It isn’t always about bankers, the stinking rich and scummy politicians and I do hope I will be forgiven for this somewhat fashionable diversion. I will reveal all in the New Year.

Well it’s banker’s bonus time again which is annual solace for the downtrodden superrich and super immoral. £11 billion at least by all accounts for 2015, could this stonking sum possibly have been better used in decent deserving society? Truthfully all I do and all I say on this website will never dent the conscience and the greed of the morally bankrupt banker and I must accept this but we must never stop trying to civilise them. Many thanks for following our plucky efforts in 2015 I really appreciate your time and interest I’d be nothing without you.

A very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year to all.

2 December 2015
A very brave former HSBC employee caused tremendous international ructions after blowing the whistle on advantageous toxic dealing within the bank re tax evasion by it’s richest clients. He was yesterday sentenced to 5 years in jail. Hervé Falciani was found guilty of aggravated industrial espionage for revealing that HSBC held accounts held by criminals and hid many black accounts from tax authorities worldwide. As a result HSBC was fined 28million by the Swiss authorities earlier this year after it found that money laundering was going on at its Swiss arm. The bank now faces live criminal investigation in France and America amid allegations of aggravated money laundering and financial fraud.  Exquisitely, following Mr Falciani's revelations HSBC boss Stuart Gulliver was forced to defend his own secretive tax affairs after claiming he only held a secret Swiss bank account to hide his bonuses from colleagues. 

 Since Mr Falciani revelations many secret Swiss bank accounts including those of arms dealers, bloods diamond smugglers Hollywood actors, politicians, sports stars and celebrities authorities in America and Europe have taken mass action and have opened 100s of investigations.   As per bloody usual, politicians the CPS or any other regulator in this country have been minded to act on revelations of these toxic account probably because as usual turkeys don’t vote for Christmas! How utterly disgusting and predictable that the one man who had the courage and decency at great personal peril to reveal this mass criminality is the one to be pursued and successfully convicted by crooked lawyers bought by the criminal bankers and their establishment mates whose crooked dealing he so bravely revealed.

This would be unbelievable if it wasn’t true.

26 November 2015
Those serial fraudster chaps at Barclays were fined another £72 million pounds this morning (this should cover the regulators wages and bonuses) for unfairly favoring their richer clients in their financial dealings. Barclays offered no defense and why should they the billions earned from these toxic deals far outweigh any punitive fine levied by the invertebrate regulators. Best just keep calm and carry on with business as usual.

Last week findings following the HBOS collapsed enquiry concluded that the 10 main executives responsible have very little experience in financial matters (what a surprise). The main conclusion was that the regulators had little grasp of the situation and that those involved had got away with their crimes and it is now too late to fine them. Of the ten executives implicated and highly criticized 8 deny all culpability and all remain considerably enriched within the industry and good old Andy Hornby who was headhunted by Corals the bookmakers in 2011 for his services to casino banking is about to make millions personally once again when Corals is floated on the stockmarket later this year.

So much for Governor Carneys pleas that we should at last see bankers as a socially positive force in society and end the banker bashing. Ordinary decent customers should not move on until bankers are brought to book for their past and present criminality just as would be expected of us.

How refreshing though rather too late that both Watchdog and Money Box Live have at last recognized the massive scam potential within George Osborne’s pre election pension release gamble. No criticism of allowing pensioners to use their own money as they wish but the whole policy was ill considered, badly thought through and very much an election stunt. C4J were the first and loudest voice warning all pensioners of the likelihood of scams. We warned 4 months ago that this would be the next PPI type scandal. Moneybox admitted to this reality last week. As ever keep up chaps.

17 November 2015
Politics – the promise of jam tomorrow
Religion – my God is better than your god
That just about covers it.

12 November 2015
At the Bank of England so called open forum conference at the Guildhall yesterday Governor Carney decreed that banker bashing should cease and that we should now recognise banking as a positive force in society. Yes I agree definitely a positive force in the entitled society of filthy rich bankers. How can we take him seriously when every week new scandals hit the headlines revealing yet another bunch of bankers scamming and defrauding customers out of billions with no apparent end in sight to this amoral behaviour.

In the real world Mr Carney if an individual is caught red handed indulging in serial criminal behaviour, society and the establishment will expect fair retribution i.e. arrest, investigation, trial and possible conviction but this doesn’t apply to the banker.

90% of bankers responsible for the banking crash remain in work unsullied, unchallenged and considerably enriched having learned only that for them blatant criminality is the sensible banking model of choice. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. For all of Mr Carneys considerable charm cannot alter the facts and the publics growing unwillingness to accept them. Since the banking crash of 2007/8 hardly a single banker has paid for his criminality and despite the myriad PPI Libor, card fraud compensation companies who’s constant intrusive blight every bank customers lives to date only 10% of the massive illegal profits banks stole from you and I has yet been pain compensation. 90% of this money remains with the banks and will never be repaid.

Last night on Newsnight that famous fund manager Nicola Horlick was once again wheeled on as banker apologist the saintly Nicola admits to working for three banks at a very high level somehow insists she is not a banker, White feather potential? And continues to insist that no crimes were committed by bankers they should not go to jail it was all a result of poor regulation. She is right you know without pursuit of criminality no crime will have been committed. Time to move on Mr Carney I don’t think so. It’s the rich what gets the pleasure and the poor what gets the blame.

10 November 2015
Following the recent C4J open letter to Governor Carney at the Bank of England, rather than the usual adequate written response, it was suggested that C4J agree to personally attend the forthcoming Bank of England Open Forum Conference tomorrow in the Guildhall in London tomorrow. As directed I formally requested a place in good time. Last week we were summarily informed that C4Js request to attend this conference has been rejected! Not just rather insulting to almost 150,000 regular followers of the C4J site but utterly counter to Dr. Shafik and Governor Carneys now very hollow and questionable stated drive for more openness, clarity, accountability and customer engagement at the Bank of England.  Apparently our particular line of questioning is, ‘of a sudden not always convenient, comfortable or compatible with customer engagement as normally dealt with by Mr. Carney’s very well tutored internal team. Well exactly Mr. Carney! What value our role otherwise.

This unfortunate reversion to the old model of covert fractious introspection at the Bank of England makes a lie of any much-lauded intention of the Governor and his team to foster a culture of more interaction clarity and openness with the customer. This clear about turn is now sufficient to earn this august body the not so coveted 2015 Annual Barclays White Feather Award for toxic dealing and cowardice under fire. Many congratulations all.
It would be helpful if followers of C4J would respectfully contact the Bank of England on 0207 601 4878 this week to challenge the reasons for our glaring and convenient omission at this important conference and to personally congratulate the team for winning the annual White Feather Award!!

6 November 2015
A very damning high level official report yesterday criticized HMRC in the strongest possible terms for failing miserably in the pursuit of the richest individuals and large companies in this country for rampant and massive tax evasion. In the last 5 years the excellent and tenacious coves at HMRC have somehow between them only managed to pursue to final conviction 11 cases of what is commonly understood to be industrial scale offshore tax evasion by the richest 5% this country, concentrating instead on the aggressive pursuance of the 95% overwhelmingly tax compliant in society
(that’s you and me folks!)

The excuse HMRC offer up for this scandalously shambolic inaction is that pursuing these very serious cases would prove far too complicated for our very expensive genius lawyers to efficiently prosecute it is far better to harass and investigate the low hanging fruit. That once again ladies and gentlemen would be you and I. The serially fraudulent rich, amoral, entitled bastards and bankers win again, no surprise there! Every penny of the billions laundered offshore with utter impunity by bankers and their buddies is money that should be contributing to hospitals, schools and services for the betterment of society. The present establishment and sad to say the supine masses continue to allow and accept such inequality. In Britain today and more than ever you will only receive the justice you can afford to pay for. This is despicable and corrosive trend will sustain and flourish if unchallenged.

27 October 2015
In the C4J open letter to the IPCC of 24 Nov 2014 see website. I very clearly highlighted the frightening lack of expertise, rigor and commitment of the police, politicians, Action Fraud and other relevant agencies re any understanding of the present dangers and staggering ubiquity of online financial crime in this country.  Such cyber crime much of it originating in China is in fact the fastest growing form of criminality today and is a massive threat to every bank customer. Typically, if you become victim of this online scourge, banks, in a pretence of staggering knee jerk ignorance of such things will often predictably deny all responsibility for due compensation blaming the customer instead for lack of online savvy and firewall precautions. Nothing-different there then. All of this by the way when that laughable marketing ploy the Barclays digital eagle crew are hoist upon the airwaves to evangelically promote the robotisation of the high street customer experience. Nobody I know has ever wanted this cost cutting exercise in ending the human element in banking interaction to succeed other than bank chief executives and shareholders. Bank staff certainly don’t want it and many tell me so. Why on earth would these once respected much respected front of house staff look kindly on being replaced with a cold and heartless, serially out of order cash dispenser?

Last week in a belated response to this supposed revelation of 7 million on line crimes in the last twelve months, for the first time individually reported in the official nation crime figures. Our quick to respond government as agreed to contemplate thinking about looking into the possibility of thinking about possibly contemplating addressing this massive threat to us all. They have decided to enlist the help of the cavalry i.e. action fraud that truly ineffective much critisised jumped up call centre for their very special help. On their own admission, Acton Fraud, a pseudo legal construct routinely follow up fewer than 10% crimes reported to them and in reality merely exist to act as a decoy filter system to reduce the out of control police case load caused by draconian cuts to the service virtually no action fraud cases end up in court and I and many others have personal experience of their impotence. This approach should concern us all and could be seen as dereliction of duty by government.

Finally the third and most worrying cyber attack on TalkTalk and the disastrously disruptive technical expertise of a 15-year-old Irish boy really should be a final wake up call to all involved. It won’t be and customers will remain ever vulnerable.

It utterly bewilders me that so many simply sit back in uncritical torpor when a Government has to be shamed kicking and screaming by a rather more humane second chamber into finding 4.5 billion pounds from somewhere, and in fact anywhere but the poorest working families. This when eight years ago from somewhere and without any question the Labour Government somehow conjured 275 billon, to bail out the banks. Even harder to bear when much of this mystical money facilitated by frightened MPs so clearly ended up being laundered by criminal senior bankers into a plethora of untraceable offshore accounts. The out of control tax credit bill must be reduced massively and industry must at last pay workers decent wages in this country. Labour was much at fault for creating this mess but the present Government were quite wrong to seek a seemingly expedient solution on the backs of the very poorest working families.

12 October 2015

boe letter

Despite being given further clear opportunity the Bank of England has refused point blank to adequately address the important points put Mr Carney in my open letter. It would appear that certain questions, especially those on the continual failure to prosecute members of the despised and heartless RBS Global Restructuring Group are a little too dangerous and sensitive to reply to even in Mr Carneys supposed brave new era of bank customer clarity. Very disappointing. I think the Bank of England have won anther coveted C4J White feather.
Rather than changing their corrupt ways and a bit like putting a greaseproof wrapper on a dog turd RBS have decided to rebrand themselves under the slightly less despised and discredited Nat West logo this of course will fool all of us to believing RBS are now a far more caring and responsible bunch than the cretins who created the evil and intentionally destructive Global Restructuring Group I previously referred to.

5 October 5015
Last week, that despicable broken-down, old, alleged, career-paedophile Greville Janner was once again paraded in court in order to somehow asatain his suitability for trial when in reality he is probably beyond mental reason. Do we care? Surely the inescapable question for all involved, is why was this disgusting, pampered, alleged, child-abuser allowed for nearly 50 years to destroy the lives of innocent children simply because the police, his establishment friends, fellow piers, political allies and so called honourable (probably complicit) mates all turned a blind eye to what they all either knew or suspected was going on, he certainly was not alone. That blustering domineering dirigible Cyril Smith MP and mates were afforded the same career immunity for the same despicable crimes against decent humanity by an amoral establishment elite who would always rather close ranks to protect their own at all costs than to cherish and protect the innocence of innocent children, what a very honourable bunch they are.

As I write, the police, politicians, the church, politicians, the judiciary and even a disinclined press are very much at bay and are all quietly trying to mislay evidence, quash memory, delay, divert and subvert all decent effort to bring to justice any of these monsters under an impenetrable umbrella of establishment impunity.  The future and historical innocence of the poor children involved who’s lives were and will be blighted beyond hope remains very low on the agenda of those cretins who continue to feel morally equipped to somehow sit in judgement of decent society. It was ever thus. Without convictions, the victims will never achieve closure and all involved are more than aware of this.

27 September 2015
When the excellent Baron Sewel was caught ‘bang to rights’ on video recently, high as a kite on cocaine, entitlement and self importance, cavorting about in his lacy, crimson, uplift bra entertaining a couple of unfortunate prostitutes in a very expensive hotel room, who amongst us with knowledge of such things was at all surprised when the House of Lords Committee for Standards in Public Life (a committee Lord Sewel was previously head of) saw fit to totally exonerate him of any wrong doing? Quietly, I am told that several others on said committee were mostly upset that he had been caught in a sting operation and that but for the grace of God…  Personally, I have no problem with the old tart expressing his sexuality and his values as he sees fit.
What irks me is that if his mates on the Standards committee closed ranks as is the tradition in such matters, we might somehow believe him to be less guilty. Clearly the only one in that hotel room not plying a legitimate honorable trade was the utterly dishonorable Baron Sewell good to know also that the Lords Committee considers snorting cocaine a decent and acceptable recreational habit. If I remember this remains an illegal act in decent society. As ever the ‘oh so disinterested’ Met Police ignore such matters. After all there are bad people out there failing to pay their TV licenses and other swine harassing bankers for mass criminality and as we all agree these subversives need locking up first, too many pressing Masonic meetings to attend.
In the same vein, Messrs Straw and Rifkind have been similarly exonerated by the ‘Commons Standards Committee’ for prostituting influence to the highest bidder in a sting operation on Channel 4. This decision more or less insures that these privileged cretins will both be summarily elevated to the House of Lords as they boasted in due course without a stain on their Teflon characters.
These three eminent gents may continue in delusional denial at being caught red handed as we all know they have been. Nothing such establishment hypocrites do now ever surprises the decent people they seek to represent. We have grown used to it and the impunity they personify. The disgraced Baron Sewel may have a little more difficulty explaining his antics to his unfortunate family if he cares.





7 September 2015
Congratulations to George Osborne, what a belatedly great idea to relocate a portion of the £11 billion annual overseas aid budget to struggling British councils to help fund the inevitable financial consequences of rightly taking up to 25,000 more refugees during this enfolding exodus. To at last liberate a portion of this money from the clutches of that notoriously unaccountable bunch of highly paid do-gooders at the overseas aid office who even themselves grudgingly acknowledge that approximately 7% of this precious money ever gets to those for whom it is intended and who so urgently need our help. As we all know the vast majority of this aid money is skimmed off by racketeers, gangsters, middle men, despotic governments, corrupt officials et al for personal enrichment and even to shore up extremists of choice. For once Mr Osborne I think it unlikely that even the most blinkered socialist will criticise this very welcome, effective use of such a precious fund. In truth c4j did suggest this move some months ago. Well done.

3 September 2015
Well well well I’ve been contacted by some bright spark at Barclays head office Churchill Place London to make it very clear on this website that my Westminster’s Solicitors letters are indeed fake.
I have decided to do this as a self-imposed scambuster!

Over the past 18 months I have been hand delivering Westminster’s Solicitors letters to Churchill Place London for the attention of recently sacked Chief Executive Mr Antony Jenkins. These letters are exact doctored copies of the fake threatening letters Barclays Bank have been sending vulnerable customers, demanding money often spuriously for the past decade. Fair? Only the fools at Barclays would deem it necessary to point out to the 120,000 followers of this site the status of my letters to them. Once again Barclays sent these very same fake solicitors letters thousands of them to effectively intimidate their supposedly valued customers. They have never been prosecuted, fined or in anyway brought to book over this admitted criminal behaviour. I personally did all possible to convince the regulators to act on my behalf to seek redress for the many fake Westminster’s letter I received from Barclays. Both the police and Action Fraud clearly admitted that |I had a good case even possibly for blackmail against Barclays. Sadly
Neither had either the guts the expertise or the inclination to take Barclays on my behalf. My advice to Barclays – if you seriously believe that you have either a legal or moral case sufficient to prosecute me for sending you the same illegal fake solicitors letters you were sending me and possibly up to 1 million other |Barclays customers over the past 10 years then bring it on guys. Fortunately for you, your very expensive lawyers will very quickly point out to you the obvious fact that if you were really stupid enough to sue for my conviction on this matter an inevitable legal precedent would be established whereby I and all recipients of your many thousands of the same letters would then countersue you.  You would, in your breath-taking stupidity be arming your serially abused customers with the ruling to take out a class action against you. Something of course the toothless regulators never would.

If Westminster Solicitors were a bona fide practice regulated by the Law Society surely they should sue me for passing off. God knows how you fools ever thought you could run a bank.

My open letter to the Bank of England needs a bit more thought please bear with me.

24 August 2015
At the end of August I will be hand delivering an open letter to Mark Carney of the Bank of England this letter will appear in full on the c4j website post delivery. So too will Mark Carneys response if and when we receive one. The Bank of England has always replied us to courteously.

14 August 2015
As customers, we too have responsibilities; having followed the plight of small dairy farmers for the last couple of years I believe they deserve our support. For too long the big milk buyers and the major supermarkets have used this crucial staple as a useful loss leader with little or no concern for the British dairy farmer. They say that milk is a global commodity and the prices reflect world overproduction. Should we really be importing milk at all, when British farmers can supply all our needs at a fair price we all can and should be willing to pay? Practically, when the worm turns and global milk production falls which inevitably it will as these things always do prices will rocket and the few mega dairies that remain, probably foreign owned will be keen and able to charge what they wish. This would be our fault as customers, as our quiet complicity would have encouraged would have encouraged this situation. By then many small farmers will have thrown in the towel and sold off their land to eager developers egged on by dumb politicians and relaxed planning laws.
In a largely cynical move, Morrison’s have signalled the launch of Milk for Farmers at 10p extra cost. This clever marketing strategy transfers full responsibility to the customer to make the moral decision, to buy or not to buy British milk at a price we should all be paying. This will allow Morrisons to continue selling milk at a fair and unfair price. We the customer must decide Morrisons don’t lose a penny and can continue paying the majority of farmers at an unsustainable price while pretending to support the industry.
Let’s play their game, wherever we shop we should insist on buying British milk and make a point of requesting it. When Morrisons bring out their Milk for Farmers scam in October – please shop at Morrisons for your milk but then purchase the bulk of your shopping elsewhere where quality is high often at two thirds of the price. Wherever you shop insist on British milk – make a point of it.

8 August 2015
You’ve got to feel for the ‘usual suspect’ Labour leadership candidates they’ve naively allowed the unwanted spectre of socialism to infect the race. The hapless cohort has somehow unintentionally introduced a dangerous leftist myximatosis into the otherwise rampantly Blairite leadership spin cycle. They are now reeling at the response from grass roots members when an old fashioned cuddly old lefty, unburdened by sound bites and the toxic baggage of failed Blairite policies simply shuffles up to the microphone and spews out dangerous common sense ‘what the hell have we done? His inclusion was only ever meant as a ruse to sanitise and enliven an otherwise uninspiring battle of vacuous nobodies! Shit.
When this week in his latest example of Corbynomics young Jeremy suggested a renewed tranche of quantitative easing, but this time for the people. That fiscal genius and Labour star Chris Lesley immediately shot Mr Corbyn’s ideas down in flames very publicly. Strange really, Mr Lesley was much involved with the laundering of £375 billion of taxpayer’s money into the institutional criminal British banking sector after the banking crash of 2008. Following Gordon Brown’s very pointed instructions, the socially useless toxic banks used this money and Mr Browns permission to fully restructure with our money to virtually cut off at a stroke all viable lending to business and individuals other than at crippling interest rates and to then pay themselves and their shareholders famously obscene dividends and bonuses. Much of this money, our money is now secreted offshore in senior banker and shareholder accounts. All Mr Corbyn is suggesting is that another tranche of QE is printed to effectively kick start much needed structural spending on house building, road and rail improvement the NHS etc but this time instead of giving it to the cretinous amoral criminal middle man bankers clearly directed to those who can use it wisely and effectively. What exactly is wrong with that? Mr Lesley in a less than considered fit of pique has suggested this to be a crazy idea, simply profligate and likely to put up inflation. Are we to assume then when the Labour party in their wisdom and at £375 billion of our money to the 'oh so' trustworthy bankers, they did with it exactly as Mr Lesley had hoped. Get real you stupid man, not only have your fellow ministers squandered our countries wealth, but you haven’t leered anything at all from the experience. Furthermore a managed period of inflation would be very welcome at this time and only the financially illiterate would disagree. Is Mr Corbyn really such a dangerous man?

3 August 2015
A letter from Barclays Customer Relations and my reply

barclays letter1



28 July 2015
The fallout from the latest Barclays info disaster, where ‘superficially sophisticated, ultra-savvy Barclay’s digital eagles’ have somehow once again leaked the personal files of 13,000 valued customers has proved too much for some. Rumors abound that such is the relentless toxicity of brand Barclays; worried shareholders are now pushing for an immediate rebranding exercise. My advice, change your culture, your values, your priorities and your ethos a mere cynical name change will count for nothing and fool nobody, (it would appear that Consignia is still available).

20 July 2015
Not before time, the head of the Financial Conduct Authority, Martin Wheatley has been forced onto his sword by his erstwhile champion George Osborne. Such where Mr Wheatley’s failures that his three year contract has been ended a year early by the Chancellor as an embarrassing exercise of damage limitation (not that he would ever admit it) Don’t cry for the man – as is customary in these situations in City High Finance, Mr Wheatley in spite, or maybe because of his well documented failures at the FCA will receive a £700,000 pay off plus a years salary of another £700,000 plus a meaty pension, another shameful example of reward for failure that permeates this broken culture.

In a sector where fiscal ineptitude is a seeming prerequisite for senior office Mr Whealey has proved an effective role model. I can’t honestly think of a high Street bank or regulatory competitor where Mr Wheatley wouldn’t be welcomed with open arms. A kindred spirit a safe round peg in a convenient round hole. I predict a prosperous future!!
C4j has been much involved with the ubiquitous fake solicitor’s letter sent to vulnerable customers by Barclays Bank and other lenders over the last 10 years (illegal blackmail demands). Wonga was recently fined very heavily and forced very publicly to restructure its business model after admitting to these criminal tactics.  The high street banks, Barclays et al eventually admitted doing the same prominently in the popular press following a very successful c4j campaign. In a typically perverse move, neither the FCA nor CPS tackled the banks following these clear admissions and on the 5 February this year the CPS decided to not pursue banks for similar misdemeanours. Once again, the regulators and the CPS target only the low hanging fruit leaving the all-powerful banks to their own devices.

14 July 2015
A draft deal has now been cobbled together which Prime Minister Sypris must put to the Greek Parliament for ratification by July. Good luck with that Mr Sypris. He has been asked to submit a humiliating deal that will effectively end fiscal sovereignty for the Greek nation. This deal is in fact a last ditch emergency measure to rescue Euro credibility and not the Greek people. It only puts off the inevitable day when the EU is forced to admit to the non–viability of a broken fanciful model upon which it has so tenuously evolved. Just like the Greeks, Europeans should have the collective courage and insight to admit their obvious structural faults and shortcomings and simply start the whole thing over again in the informed light of lessons learned. Let Greece go without malice and allow Europe to come of age at last.

As I remember, our Government found £370 billion to bail out British banks alone, Euro zone banks received over £3 trillion in bailouts. Were these crooks forced like Greece to change their ways before this money was thrown their way, where they nailed down to behavioral change signed in blood? Has even one senior banker been charged or convicted of this institutional criminality and made to promise never to do such naught things again? Clearly not, and a as time unfolds, their past and present fraudulent dealing spits in the face of our generosity and forgiveness.

Given that 90% of Greek debt is made up of questionable bank handouts from a more than questionable more than questionable famously corrupt banking sector, (not a penny of which was seen by the Greek people how about senior European bankers getting together to bail out Greece as a gesture of gratitude to all of us and a leap into morality for all of them. This would include the British banks. What a wonderful way to effectively rehabilitate Greece, the European project and rather much-despised banks in one fell swoop. Fat bloody chance. Oh by the way Goldman Sachs the same bunch who the Germans and the French employed to cook the books in order to sneak the Greeks through the Euro back door a few short years ago have flatly refused for 19 years to sign off the European audit. You couldn’t make it up.

9 July 2015
So, Antony Jenkins has been given a one-way ticket to the clean world. After what Barclay’s board are calling a period of poor results and uncertainty. I feel no joy when a man looses his job and do hope he uses the opportunity wisely. My mole at head office left me in no surprise at this morning’s announcement but I had been sworn to secrecy for several weeks now. After all, Mr Jenkins was only ever a transitional fall guy and a patsy appointed to take the flack for his crooked predecessor that old Carpetbagger Bob Diamond under whose tutelage much of Barclay’s criminality flourished exponentially. As a fellow traveler and human being I do genuinely wish Mr Jenkins and his family well.
The rumour I can’t and won’t substantiate is one that leaves even me cold. Amongst the opportunist fiscal racketeers seen lingering around Churchill Place CV in hand last week that old court jester Fred the Shred Goodwin! Now this might just be a marriage made in heaven watch this space be very afraid.

2 July 2014
As a warning to those BT customers who have not yet found time to scrutinize your phone bills in detail, if ever you the BT 118 118service, and some do this quite innocently and quite regularly, every time you do so you will be charged approx £5. If you then agree to be put through as always will be offered, you may well be charged double this amount.
It is understandable that BT in an attempt to compensate for the rapid drop off in customer landlines and very stiff competition are struggling for market share. Is it not rather unedifying that as a result BT are willing to exploit remaining loyal customers to such an extent with the 1181118 service fronted by the ubiquitous mustachioed palls that they have built a not only a Wonga money lending service but also fund a popular TV channel solely on the back of it. What next 118118 airlines or 118118 lawyers for you? They are obviously doing great business on the back of those insufficiently savvy to know better usually the very elderly or the very young. 118402 costs £1 from O2 just a suggestion and of course other networks are available.

1 July 2015
I contacted Conservative head office this afternoon with a suggestion. I put to them that it might be a good and politically savvy idea for this country to give a one off gift to Greece of 3 billion pounds. I thought this might come out of the 11 billion squandered annually in overseas aid. Not only would this money rescue a situation that needs compassion and an urgent solution but this could also show the French and the Germans that we have no interest in seeing Europe fall apart. Greece has borrowed 240 billion but what is not always understood is that like the 340 billion the British had to find all but about 20 billion went to rescue the Greek banks and certainly not to the ordinary Greek people. Rather than wasting this budget on shoring up African despots and paying for the Indian space race would this not be a better use of this money to give the Greek people time to reflect on a very worrying situation for all. This surely would be a just use of this otherwise squandered aid budget. I may be wrong.

28 June 2015
Another interesting letter hand delivered to Barclays head office



7 June 2015
Because once again the American justice system alone has shown its teeth to such effect we now begin to understand the sheer extent of the institutional Machiavellian culture rife within the FIFA organisation. Using this as some kind of falsely, sanctimonious trigger Mr Cameron has this week chosen to lecture the European Union on corruption in big business throughout the world today.
Given the shameful and unparalleled scandal in the British Banking system today and the unedifying refusal of complicit politicians coupled with the cowardice and patent disinclination of dysfunctional regulators to convict individual senior bankers for their crimes against his own country how on earth can he feel possibly equipped to pontificate to anyone outside the city of London about fiscal crime? This is breathtaking blinkered arrogance of truly insulting proportions to all of us affected by these shamelessly corrupt and always unchallenged British banks. Before preaching to others Mr Cameron look to your own home-grown fiscal cancer and at least deal with your own toxic one percent.

5 June 2015
Oh cor blimey! Oh my days would you very believe it? Lloyds bank were today fined £117million for some bloody fraud I can’t even be bothered to check on. I seem to be suffering from fraud fatigue hope to be back to normal soon.
These fines are obviously doing the trick and we can all sleep happily in our beds tonight knowing the banks are now towing the line.

1 June 2015
Last Saturday the Daily Mail invented another scoop challenging the robotisation of bank transactions and the relentless march of technology on Britain’s high streets. Once again as c4j followers will be aware the papers are simply regurgitating our campaigning efforts. I wonder when the Mail will finally find the courage and journalistic rigor to follow our well-documented battle to seek conviction of individual senior bankers. Just a mater of time I would guess - lazy journalism as ever.

Barclays have now been implicated in FIFA money laundering and possible breach of international sanctions. What a bloody surprise watch this space.

31 May 2015
Firstly I would like to thank the Deputy Governor, Minouche Shafik for once again respectfully responding to questions posed by customers4justice. I think this affords a measure of increased credibility to us both. Credit were credit is due!
Sadly nothing in the Bank of England’s reply in any way addresses the principal point of my letter, i.e. the inexplicable and continued non-prosecution of individual Senior Bankers for their past crimes. Aspirational, proposed new regulation, outlined to somehow confront future Banker criminality may or may not become reality. Who knows? Almost inevitably, the all-powerful Bankers Lobby will fatally dilute any such good intentions, ably egged on by the all-cynical BBA et al.
Future Proposals under the ‘Senior Managers Regime’ intended to ‘encourage’ individuals to take greater responsibility for their actions and make it easier for both firms and regulators to hold individuals to account for reckless decisions and then possibly prosecute, seem both laughable and ludicrously naïve in the extreme. This once again all but allows the reputationally decimated, amoral criminal-banking sector the power to regulate and police itself. Is it not patently obvious that senior bankers see the existing corrupt and broken banking model as one they cherish, one they get away with, with relative impunity and one that generates massive profits for their respective banks? Any pathetic fine or sanction levied retrospectively by our existing regulatory system is cynically factored into the model as an insignificant, manageable expense.
The Bank of England and Mr. Carney must really make a credible stand against toxic bankers and back it with real meaningful regulation for any of us to believe they are either serious or on our side at all. Good intentions and harsh words will not fool us any more than they will scare the all-powerful banking sector. Only real serious punitive action and credible regulation will turn this obscene and damaging gravy train around. Bringing individual senior bankers to book for their past criminality is crucial and a fundamental first step to a cleaner safer future banking model and is after all the natural justice the other citizens of this country are subject to. The Deputy Governor fails at every level to either confront this unavoidable fact. This is very depressing!



A letter delivered by hand to Barclays Head Office.


5 May 2015
Some might fairly suggest that responses received following my open letter to David Cameron re non-prosecution of senior bankers are somewhat disappointing, I would prefer predictable. In many respects I am actually reasonably impressed with what we have achieved and the hand-wringing we have elicited.

Please consider that on May 8th when serendipitous British democracy has at a stroke snuffed out the glittering careers of some of our most powerful politicians, possibly Cameron, possibly Milliband, Clegg, Farage, even God knows the blessed Nichola, this tragic fallen cohort will be queuing up CV’s in hand for impossibly lucrative board positions at many of our most toxic high street banks. ‘Twas ever thus! In the light of this and with future employment in mind such elite job seekers would never knowingly s...t on their own doorsteps. Turkeys never vote for Christmas.

All I say about senior bankers is clearly actionable in law. Their problem of course – no decent Englishman or woman can be successfully sued for simply telling the truth and they know this. After all, individual senior bankers above all men have the riches, the connections, the ‘leverage’, the highly expert barristers to rescue their reputations and to destroy the likes of little old me. Although in this country today, generally you only receive the justice you can afford, even the greatest of lawyers would decline to defend a bankers reputation. The rich can buy ‘justice’ but even bankers can’t buy miracles.  If wrong, I challenge any of these amoral racketeers to have a go, give it your best shot.
Case proven?

It really is a shame that even when given a clear opportunity, politicians fail miserably to recognize the dreadful iniquity of individual senior bankers so conveniently escaping prosecution and conviction for their many crimes so damaging to this country and to every one in it except of course to politicians and bankers themselves. Quite despicably bankers also run a mile from defending their shattered reputations in open court. What a cowardly bunch, what could they possibly have to hide? I think the actual strategy now adopted by bankers and politicians is the old Greville Janner sidestep. Wait until they are all too old or too imbecilic to ever prosecute, or until they can be elevated to the good old House of Lords where they will be loyally protected by their mates and kindred spirits. All this while as ever these days the police and the CPS turn a convenient establishment blind eye.

Given that the letter was addressed to David Cameron personally and that the Conservatives have been in office for 5 years, this lame, regurgitated, stock response letter is really quite insulting to our followers. Head were given 5 further opportunities to respond properly, nothing, absolutely no attempt to answer the questions posed.
The real bankers friends.

con let

Of all the responses even though no one has addressed the subject of banker non prosecution at
least Labour's response deserves our respect.

Dear Mr Suttie,

Thank you for your letter dated 8 April 2014. We really appreciate you took the time to get in touch with us. I am replying on Mr Miliband’s behalf.

I’d like to apologise for the delay in responding to your letter. I hope you can understand that as the General Election draws closer, Mr Miliband is receiving a large amount of correspondence. We are working to make sure each letter we receive is responded to appropriately.

We are grateful for your comments and I would like to assure you that your concerns have been passed on.

Too often in recent years our banks have fallen far short of the standards expected of them. The financial crisis was caused by excesses in the banking system. Too many people at the top of our banks took excessive risks to enrich themselves at the expense of ordinary people and businesses. Banks are essential to our economy and are one of our biggest employers, but that doesn’t mean we should turn a blind eye to irresponsibility. We need them to work better for the businesses and working people who rely on them. We need major reforms and long-term cultural change to restore trust and ensure our banks start working for consumers and businesses again.

A Labour government will ensure that bankers are not rewarded for poor decisions by linking pay with long-term performance and extending clawback of bonuses to at least 10 years and consider the clawback of pay, as raised by Bank of England Governor Mark Carney. To increase transparency, we will enact legislation passed by the last Labour Government, to require banks to publish the number of employees earning more than £1 million, and introduce a legally enforced Code of Conduct for bankers so that those who act recklessly can be struck off. Through an Economic and Crime Bill we will tackle fraud and market manipulation and examine ways to firm-up the UK’s penalties regime for White Collar Crime.

Labour will clamp down on tax avoidance by closing loopholes used by hedge funds to avoid paying Stamp Duty Reserve Tax, and introduce periodic reviews of the leverage ratio taking into account bank performances in the Bank of England's stress test. We will return RBS and Lloyds to the private sector in a transparent way that avoids conflicts of interest and use the money from the sale to pay down the national debt, and we will introduce a one-off tax on bankers' bonuses to help pay for our Compulsory Jobs Guarantee – a paid starter job for all young people out of work for 12 months or more.

Kind regards,

James Bailey
Election Communications Agent
The Labour Party

Though not in the time suggested Sam Lomas has promised a comprehensive reply very soon after the election. Lets hope the Lib Dems in a spirit of differentiation will actually answer the specific questions asked. Thank you Sam.

Hi Alan,

I’ve discussed this letter with our correspondence team and unfortunately it is unlikely that your letter will receive a reply in the next few weeks.

As I’m sure you’ll appreciate our correspondence team has to deal with a great volume of letters and emails so unfortunately and it can take a long time to reply, especially days away from a general election.


Of all the parties I have found the Welsh Nats to be the most forthcoming. Even though once again the three questions were not specifically answered I thank them for their courtesy and keenness to help at all times. Many thanks.

Customers 4 Justice – Plaid Cymru response

The cuts being forced on Wales because of the financial crash are a reminder that when banks and big businesses fail, it is the rest of us who pick up the tab.  

This is how we’ll make sure it won’t happen again.

Plaid Cymru strongly feels that wealth needs to be shared more equally within the UK, in both geographical and individual terms. That is why we are proposing an Economic Fairness Bill which no longer allow Wales to be sidelined.

It wasn’t the people of Wales who caused the banking crisis and the recession.  Why should we have to suffer the consequences?  We are proposing is to double the bankers’ levy from its current 0.15% to 0.3%.

The only way to truly protect against the banks being bailed out again – at a huge cost to the taxpayer – is for full legal separation of retail and investment functions.  This is the only way to end moral hazard and to stop casino bankers using public money as a safety net. After the scandals of PPI mis-selling, LIBOR, countless bankers’ bonuses furores, the financial crash of 2008, the massive government bail-outs, and the economic crisis that we are still living through today – active full legal separation of banks’ retail and investment functions is what is required.

The Bank of England should be named the Sterling Central Bank to reflect its responsibility to all countries which use sterling as currency.  The Monetary Policy and Financial Policy Committees should include Welsh representation, nominated by the Welsh Government to ensure fair democratic representation. 

Broader representation on Bank committees should ensure that interest rate decisions are reflective of the Sterling-zone economy as a whole, not just the City of London and south-East of England. Plaid Cymru believes that Wales should have a voice at every level of decision-making which influences Welsh life, especially those that impact on people’s jobs and livelihoods.
We will strengthen tax anti-avoidance legislation to make it harder for companies, individuals and other organisations to avoid paying their rightful amount.

Plaid Cymru wants a successful economy for Wales, where everybody can maximise their potential.  This will be a growing economy where everybody benefits – not just the richest 1%

NO RESPONSE!!!!! Even after 4 requests to party headquarters no one at all felt able to help. This rather cements their status as a single issue unit. This rather saddens and surprises me.

NO RESPONSE!!!!! Maybe if I had asked whether individual foreign bankers should be prosecuted I would have received a prompt response. Remember of course Nigel is a man of the City. Very disappointing.

Despite the SNP giving their word to these very important questions would be answered and following four requests and an extra day to answer, NOTHING. Such is the worth of SNP promises, a warning for the future?

The Bank of England have promised faithfully to send a comprehensive response to the Cameron letter soon after the election and have given me permission to post this. Watch this space.

I include below a related letter I wrote to the FCA 10 days ago and subsequently their response to this.
Make of the response what you will.


Dear Alan Suttie,
Thank you for contacting the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

After reviewing your response I understand how frustrated you are.
The FCA will in no way seek to hinder you, but please be aware there is no framework in place which enables us to support your legal action. You may wish to raise this with your MP or petition the Treasury as it is only Parliament who has the power to change our remit allowing us to become individually involved.

The FCA will continue to perform its role of protecting consumers enhancing market integrity and promoting competition through our current enforcement framework. Examples of our success can be seen in PPI redress as the amount paid out since January 2011 is over £18.5bn.

Yours Sincerely,

David Roworth
Customer Contact Centre
Financial Conduct Authority
Consumer Helpline: 0800 111 6768

I hope followers of C4J will consider the questions asked to be of real importance let's not forget just who caused this financial crisis in the first place.

22 April 2015
What could possibly better illustrate the gaping chasm in the approach to banking fraud between Britain and America? The US authorities have finally convinced the Crown Prosecution Service to accede to their request to try a Mr. Navinder Singh Sarao, (rogue trader) for allegedly triggering the 2010 crash on Wall Street. The excellent Mr. Singh Sarao instigated a disastrous a 500 billion (flash crash) by manipulating automated computer trading programs from his parents semi detached family home in west London. US prosecutors will be eagerly awaiting the outcome of the long awaited extradition hearing at Westminster Magistrates Court today.

What a lucky man is Mr. Singh Sarao to have perpetrated his many on line scams, netting £27million profit over 4 years in a country where individual fraudulent senior bankers and rogue traders are to date utterly immune to prosecution for their filthy banking crimes on our long suffering society.

What I wonder are the chances that the CPS will pull every possible string to assist this scummy fraudster from facing US prosecutors, what indeed is the likelihood that he, unlike decent people will somehow be mysteriously granted legal aid to fight his apparently well deserved extradition? I for one am totally disgusted by and ashamed of those running our once great country and the irreversible erosion of British values for which we were once famous around the world.

There is, I suppose a distinct possibility that Mr. Singh Sarao not being part of the banking establishment will be hung out to dry as a scapegoat and smokescreen for the whole rotten banking industry.

10 April 2015
Letter sent to Conservative Head Office last Friday 3/4/15 by special delivery requesting answers to three questions re continued inexplicable non prosecution of individual senior bankers. Copy of letter also sent to other main parties including the SNP requesting they too answer the three questions. Final copy sent to Dr Nemat Shafik, deputy Governor of the Bank of England, this good lady has been asked by Governor Carney to restore trust in banking and the financial markets in general. Non responses from any of the above would I am sure speak silent volumes to the electorate in general. All responses to be posted on the 30th April on this website.

letter to Dave

6 April 2015
Do not ever respond to or believe any cold caller offering you advice or an opportunity to invest or even discuss your private pension release pot. 1000s of fraudsters will know who you are and your potential for their scamming techniques. They may well have purchased your private financial details. Do not ever simply trust your bank to give you advice. In truth, they only exist to enrich their shareholders; they are never ever an altruistic, trustworthy impartial source of advice.
If you take out more than £25,000 pounds from your pension pot at one time, you will incur crippling tax on anything over this amount and may slip into a higher tax band with dire results. Think very long and hard before cashing in your annuity this after all is income for life.
Join Money Which Tel 0800920185 for truly impartial financial advice and one to one advice over the telephone at any time for a fraction of the cost of a possibly fraudulent financial advisor. Talk to friends and family before making any financial decision.
The very best of luck.

31 March 2015
Is it not incredibly concerning and somewhat unforgiveable that at this critically late stage, the information commissioner et al have at last woken up to the inevitable. In an exquisitely fleeting moment of panicked clarity and with less than a week to go before the private pension release date, the commissioner has this morning realized that the imminent liberation of approximately £6 billion to the over 55s could just possibly become the next PPI scandal, his words – go on really!!! These are the exact words almost one month ago on C4Jafter my exhaustive questioning of the pensions industry and the wholly inadequate Government effort to properly advise those with this horribly tempting potential windfall of cash.
It is an absolute scandal that so many so-called experts and financial gurus have now only woken up to the inevitable scam fest that is bound to ensue. As I predicted, and now weeks after my piece went on line Paul Lewis of Moneybox live The Daily Mail, Channel 4 news etc. all finally woken up to the obvious dangers. The media all watch this site and far too often and with far greater resources sheepishly follow our lead. The dearth if impartial pension advice, the predictable sale of private information to cold call companies the Governments last ditch poorly thought through policies (they will be long out of office when the poo hits the fan on this one).
Pensioners especially may not live long enough to achieve compensation for the avoidable pain so many will now inevitably experience. Even as a whistle blower for PPI I am only now some 6 years after my Financial Ombudsman case began anywhere near a final adjudication. With the painfully recent experience of so many scams in both the supposedly regulated and unregulated financial services industry how on earth has this been allowed to
happen once again?

1 April 2015
Reply from Piers Claughton at Which Magazine

Dear Mr Suttie,

Thank you for your email. The three links below will answer your questions and provide some useful information on Pension Wise and our online retirement advice:

Firstly, the link to our free Pension Wise guide:

Secondly, a link to our free retirement advice online:

Finally, a link to the page with full information about the Which? Money Helpline and subscriptions:

Kind regards,



17 March 2015
Letter sent to Piers Claughton at Which Magazine

This is the Email we discussed yesterday many thanks for your help.
This will on the C4J website as will your reply when given.

Thank you again for your assistance

Dear Mr Claughton

Following many conversations and much investigation, I believe Which to be the safest first contact for utterly impartial expert advice for over 55s soon to confront the imminent private pension release date. Would you please explain clearly how individuals would benefit if they were to subscribe to Money Which Magazine. I believe subscription to this magazine would include the opportunity for one to one advice from a Which pension advisor. What is the cost of subscribing to Money Which and what other beneficial advice might Money Which offer issue to issue. now has over 90,000 followers and our advice is increasingly sought. The inevitable scamfest of fraudulent pop up financial advice from seemingly bona fide outfits is already invading television, radio and social media advertising. We are simply attempting to avoid the next inevitable PPI type scandal by alerting pensioners in advance not to be taken in by any cold caller or spurious crooked financial opportunity.

The Governments efforts to date, fall far short of adequate with PPAS a glorified agent for the financial advisory sector and the excellent CAB sadly devoid of adequate training and expertise in pension matters.

You at Which can I believe be trusted to properly guide pensioners away from fraudsters and towards a sensible preliminary strategy for what should really be a positive financial outcome. I look forward to your response. This email will appear on and so will your reply.

I also intend with your position to recommend the free Which pension advice booklet.

AR Suttie

1 March 2015
As predicted last week, my timely questions to TPAS, The Pensions Advisory Service probing their less than transparent role as mere trade body agents to the Financial Advisory Sector re the imminent private pension release day on April 9th have been picked up and belatedly reiterated by Paul Lewis on Moneybox Live. TPAS Chief Exec Michelle Cracknell, who to her credit had the decency to answer my questions on C4J last week, did her level best on Moneybox to bring some sort of honest clarity to a very sinister pension sector. 

Once again the press and Moneybox are following our lead. Sadly this story has some distance to run with honest, useful trustworthy, impartial pension advice a real minefield and mere pipedream at present. This must not and with a little joined up thinking should not become the next financial scandal.

Pension Minister Steve Webb said today ‘we would not be doing this if we thought it could lead to disaster, but we do take a risk trusting people with their own money’ Cheeky bastard. Mr. Webb, the risk, and you fail to see it, is that your banker friends along with a rush of pop up financial advisers and amorally bankrupt financial sector, (scammers all) are as we speak all cutting each others throats to capture this latest potential goldmine of fraudulent dealing and you the Government have not put serious safeguards in place for genuine, free pensioner guidance on these crucial issues. 90,000 members of Customers for justice charge you Mr. Webb with the responsibility to act urgently to prevent what otherwise will become the latest PPI type scandal. Sort this out now, get a grip we are watching you. Pensioners do not deserve to be flippantly abandoned by you to the amoral vagaries of you city friends and puppet masters.

23 February 2015
After years of promising faithfully to clamp down own on the morally unsustainable annual BANKER BONUS FEST, the Politicians the FCA, the BBA et al allow the sickening nonsense outlined in the article below to represent the bankers version of ‘we are all in this together. HSBC you really do deserve all that is coming to you and your squeaky clean boss. You and other senior bankers are simply impervious to a concept of shame and the so-called regulators are exquisitely powerless and complicit in the sustainability of this festering industry model.


Danny Alexander, Lib Dem is presently pretending for clear reasons of desperate political survival to heroically create a new law i.e. ‘Corporate Failure to Prevent an Economic Crime’ how about a few other new laws? ‘Political failure to convict proven economic criminals’ – ‘Police failure to pursue economic criminals’ – ‘Regulators failure to recognize any of the above’.

Danny all you actually have to do is to rigorously employ existing available laws, clearly outlined in statute to bring to justice any crook, any Englishman or woman involved in the sort of criminality bankers arrogantly indulge in every minute of every day and confidently expect and always do get away with. Get real son.

16 February 2015
A very interesting ‘solicitors’ letter hand delivered to Barclay’s head office.


A comment on the HSBC debacle  - Crooked bankers bent only on deflecting blame and culpability, their fraudulent dealings exposed once again. Let me say it now as no one else will ‘most senior bankers in this country now run criminal organisations’ my allegations are clearly actionable and not merely spewed out like cowardly politicians under cover of political immunity. Not one senior banker can or will confront me in court, how on earth could they, they are proven, admitted unconvicted crooks, never to be confronted by a shamelessly complicit political class, a sham puppet regulatory system, all in cahoots with an unsophisticated baffled and bullied police regime. No more crass protestations by politicians denying knowledge and complicity in all of this. We really not are stupid. Please stop judging ordinary and decent people by your own corrupt and deluded standards it is now time to jail the arrogant bastard bankers no more excuses.

9 February 2015
Last week, and very quietly the CPS, regulators and politicians decided between themselves NOT to prosecute WONGA for sending fake legal demands to vulnerable customers. What a surprise, did you miss this? No mention of course that Barclays Bank et al have been sending fake solicitors letters to vulnerable customers for over 10 years and have never been legally challenged. Typically, the CPS, the regulators and politicians have done an excellent job of intentionally turning a blind eye to this bigger criminality. What are they like?

See Panorama tonight on BBC1 at 8.30 to thrill at just how the CPS, the regulators, politicians and the bank lobby knowingly collude to prevent at all costs those involved in proven tax evasion ever being prosecuted with a known 3 billion never to be recovered. The main culprit this time HSBC, ex HMRC whistle blower Richard Brooks asks why are the CPS and HMRC not prosecuting 500 bankers from 2005 to this day who knowingly facilitate mass tax avoidance with Swiss offshore banks. Instead, wait for it! The government has cobbled together a tacky agreement with the Swiss Government that now exempts any banker from prosecution. Clearly the cancer is not in remission as we had hoped and the CPS, the patently collusive regulators and the Government are still fighting as one to prevent at all costs malignant, criminal bankers ever having to face justice. Richard Brooks said in a sad belated echo of my words, ‘if bankers are not prosecuted for their proven mass criminality why on earth would they ever change their behavior?’.

Ironically on the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, there seems to be one law of immunity and impunity for the government and the bankers and virtually no access to the law and fair redress for the common man.

At least we have Lord Green former head of HSBC private bank to look to customer’s best interest. You instinctively know when you are being royally shafted!

4 February 2015
Response from
Michelle Cracknell, Chief Executive,
The Pensions Advisory Service

Dear Mr Suttie,

I am responding to your email addressed to Charlotte Jackson.

The Pensions Advisory Service (TPAS) is a public body providing independent information and guidance on pension matters as well as providing support for the resolution of disputes in occupational and private pension arrangements.

You are correct that TPAS does not provide regulated advice; this is not part of our remit as stipulated by Government.

As you know, TPAS is a delivery partner for the Treasury’s Pension Wise service, which will launch in April 2015. The service is offering free impartial guidance about pensions for those approaching retirement. This service will not offer regulated advice.

You asked also about making a complaint about guidance given by TPAS. Our full complaints procedure for our current service can be found here:

TPAS is happy to offer the services of our pensions experts to your customers; they can access our free impartial pensions guidance by calling 0300 123 1047 or visiting to make an online query or request a webchat.

I hope you find this information helpful.

Your sincerely,

Michelle Cracknell
Chief Executive

1 February 2015
Yesterday on radio 4, senior European finance minister, Pierre Moscovici stated that Greece could not possibly expect any further leeway on their 240 billion+ euros debt to the rest of Europe. This he said would be against the wishes and interest of other European countries and most unfair to the banking sector! In this country we alone, or should I say politicians were somehow able to conjure almost 300 Billion pounds of tax payers money to bail out our very own corrupt and profligate bankers in 2007/8. All those idiot bankers are now richer more powerful and more dangerous than ever they where and not a single one of them has been or it seems ever will be jailed for their acknowledged mass criminality. 

Let’s not grieve too unnecessarily for the inevitable consequences the bloated European banking sector will have to confront, when a little county who is only in the EU because the Germans the French and their genius bankers broke every supposedly sacred fiscal rule to allow them into their club, when Greece can’t now cut the mustard.  What a surprise much as I admire you Mrs. Merkel and I do, you do make your own luck in this world.

29 January 2015

Dear Miss Jackson

For the benefit of the 70,000 followers of many of whom are pensioners, could you please explain accurately the role of the Pensions Advisory Service?

In April many over 55s will as you know have access to all of their accrued private pension pot. From what I have gleaned so far it would appear that neither you nor Citizens Advice will be willing or are equipped to give free REGULATED advice to those who contact you for guidance. Is it true that in reality that though part funded by Government the Pensions Advisory Service is merely a trade body and will effectively act as an agent?

The belief is that you exist too generate business for the Financial Advisory Industry and not to give useful free advice. The free advice you do give will not be regulated and if it is incorrect customers will not be able to seek redress through the Financial Ombudsman. If this is the case people will be left to the vagaries of the Financial Advisory Service once again.

This question will appear on our website as will your answer

Many thanks this will be useful information for our many followers.

Alan Suttie

27 January 2015
Having been subjected to a bit of a runaround I am now awaiting a useful, sensible and honest statement of advice from Charlotte Jackson of the Pension Advisory Service, simply outlining what those of 55 and over should and should not do to access their imminent private pension pot release. What I want to hear is that the Pension Advisory Service is not merely a trade hub who have been given extra Government funding to simply refer callers on to so called trusted financial advisors i.e. a mere cynical industry agent but that they also give useful free and dependable regulated information to those who contact them. Otherwise what is the point of them other than to generate profits for a less than honorable financial advisory sector? Caveat Emptor.

At the world economic forum in Davos thanks to a thoroughly unhealthy combination of covert bank lobbying and complicit political blindness the focus and preoccupation of those attending has been cleverly shifted and steered away from (still) unrepentant, dangerous and profligate bankers to the more convenient pressing problems of a stagnating China and a predictably imploding Europe son to overdose on the last ditch drug of choice – quantitative easing whilst Greece plants a time bomb of fiscal indiscipline on a disintegrating European vision.

The real threat here is that the very same immoral unrepentant bankers who brought this country to it’s knees since 2007 have ridden out the consequential storm of customer condemnation largely unscathed and somehow criminally unsullied. Not one of these crooks have been jailed and never will be thanks to a cowardly self interested and complicit political all but a few are richer now and even more dangerous than ever they were and moving forward have been given no reason to modify their toxic culture of fraud entitlement and greed. Bankers are the only class for whom criminality clearly and demonstrably does pay. Banker impunity is now a reality and the consequences are utterly predictable.

Once again, the Government is bullishly pedaling unfocussed and often unregulated advice from such as the well meaning but woefully overstretched and ill-equipped citizens advice bureau and a pseudo supposedly impartial pension industry funded trade body - The Pension Advisory Service. They are clearly less than committed to protecting 2 million potential victims from the all powerful exploitation industry right now gleefully gearing up to fleece and defraud another 6 billion pounds from vulnerable understandably confused pensioners from the 6th of August. Look out for these exposes in the Mail and Moneybox live in months to come they heard it here first.
If you know somebody who would benefit from this advice please pass it on.

20 January 2015
A question to the Pensions Advisory Service
Dear Mr Douglas
Re our conversation yesterday morning and for the benefit of followers of would the Pensioners Advisory Service, as discussed, please offer a succinct and trustworthy form of advice for the many thousands who in April will have access to private pension release pots in order to effectively prevent them from falling into the hands of the burgeoning and spurious pension scammers industry already infesting television, radio and social media advertising. From what I have gleaned so far, the Pensions Advisory Service are best placed to offer advice to these often vulnerable pensioners and we ask you this in order to prevent another PPI type gold rush in this less than ethical financial world. As you surely know, if pensioners or others innocently fall in with these unregulated, often very convincing scammers with their myriad spurious investment opportunities, they will not be able to claim compensation from the Financial Ombudsman. Please offer you clearest advice for the so many understandably confused and vulnerable potential victims to avoid the next inevitable, fraud fest. Are you the safest and best first contact for advice on this subject, if not who is? This question will appear on the website tomorrow morning as will your reply.
Yours sincerely
Alan Suttie

Thank you very much Mr Abraham for your response (below). Very reluctantly British Gas have now agreed to cut gas prices by 5% from February 27th (not electricity prices) others will now follow, but non of these price reductions adequately reflect the fall in wholesale prices, irrespective of pleadings by the utilities re complications on the energy market as usual massive profits are being allowed to continue effectively unchallenged by naive regulators.

Reply to my letter from Martin Abraham, Consumer Affairs Manager, OFGEM

19 January 2015

Dear Mr Suttie,

Thank you for your email, and your phone message. You may not be aware that Ofgem’s remit does not allow us to set prices for the competitive supply market. Prices are set by suppliers themselves. This factsheet explains some the issues associated with prices:

As you will see from the factsheet, the price of any fossil fuel can influence similar commodities although it may not be the only factor that influence prices in a particular sector. You may note that Gas and Electricity companies do not usually purchase oil as you have suggested, but will (for example) purchase gas on the wholesale market. Further information on prices can be viewed on this section of our website:

We have consistently called for suppliers to explain their prices to their customers: Yesterday’s announcement by E.on, is a positive step but as you will see, we expect other to follow suit.

I hope this is helpful – please call me on the number below if you would like to discuss this response.


Martin Abraham
Consumer Affairs Manager
Consumers & Sustainability
9 Millbank

15th January 2015
Given that the most often used excuse trotted out by energy companies for prices not reducing for consumers when oil prices drop as they have so significantly recently, is that said companies buyers always purchase oil in bulk and in advance (hence consumer prices reflect historical prices and not the current far more favourable price)
Question Now that oil prices are now 50% cheaper on world markets would OFFGEM please take urgent action to insist decree, or at least shame the sharply savvy buyers for said companies to immediately purchase next years oil stocks at the presently available price?

Please confirm that OFGEM will act immediately and use any influence they may have and alert buyers to this obvious opportunity to substantially reduce the price consumers will be charged for energy and beyond.
If my suggestion and my rationale is somehow flawed or naive, please explain clearly why this is and why what I suggest should not both guarantee cheaper prices and be you most urgent advice to energy suppliers for both their profit and consumer well being?

These questions will be posted on the CFJ website this morning, your answer when received will also be posted in full on this site.

I contacted OFFGEM consumer affairs at 10.00 am this morning telephone 0207 901 7000 I now await their considered response which will be posted in full.

13 January 2014
A serious and urgent warning to all those of 55 or over with a private pension who will have full access to their pension pot this coming April. This warning is not intended to be in any way patronizing or to imply naivety in any form. A quite predictable and cancerous industry is now just beginning to invade the internet, television and radio, advertising all forms of tin pot (apparently legitimate) pension expert and advisor companies, primed to offer supposedly impartial advice. This bunch of mainly ‘scam merchants’ and parasites look upon the impending private release date as the dawn of a new Shangri-La the natural successor to PPI and for them potentially just as lucrative.
In an attempt to prevent decent innocent sometimes vulnerable and trusting pensioners from falling for any of these despicable scammers I will attempt over the next 6 weeks to glean the best safest and most authoritative advice from trustworthy sources. Not an easy or simple task. This information will then be posted on the customers4 justice in an attempt at least to stop another PPI scandal. Don’t think your own bank is in any way an impartial innocent agent in all this, many high street banks have set up shady spin-off cells to ruthlessly exploit this new money spinning opportunity.
BEWARE most of the tin pot pop-up companies are completely unregulated if you invest with them and your money is lost you will not be able to apply to the financial ombudsman for compensation. Be very careful and watch this space and pass this on to anyone relevant.

2 January 2015
A Happy New Year to all followers of this site.
I have been receiving a lot of very concerned feedback mainly from front of house staff at Barclays about an insidious in-house technological revolution seen as a threat to staff and customers alike i.e. Barclays Digital Eagles and the so innocent ‘Tea and Teach’. It hasn’t taken clued up bank-staff long to find it extremely unsettling and galling when some superficially, sophisticated, spotty, wizz-kid salesman is hoist upon them by edict from head office to waste a day smoozing supposedly inept, exploitable customers and staff as to the brave new world of computerized staff-free banking.
Should thoroughly decent dedicated staff really be expected to appear so inept as to grin with enthusiasm for promoting a soulless heartless system intended effectively to replace them within the next 12 months? Their messages to me would suggest otherwise.
Similarly, do Barclays really expect us to believe that what the already serially abused customer actually craves is the opportunity to walk into a bank brimming with soulless often faulty technology, devoid of human contact except for some clueless panic stricken socially inept machine operative? These banks already exist and should be avoided at all costs.
Running this site has allowed me a valuable covert insight from the trenches on some of the real thinking behind this seemingly altruistic Barclays campaign to ‘help the aged’ – An elderly couple walk into a bank the aforementioned much despised Digital Eagle urchin spends five minutes attempting to convince the hapless, bewildered victims to become fiscal cyborgs before springing the inevitable trap, wait for it, do either of you have a private pension, do you realize that from April this year you can take out 1000s of pounds from your pension to safely invest with Barclay’s high flying unconvicted crooks and fraudsters.

24 December 2014
A final message for 2014, I think. Thanks to all 60,000 of you who have followed the Barclays White Feather Campaign and the 'Customers For Justice' website this year. This must include the thoughrougly decent bank staff who use this site as something as a surrogate conscience and a whimsical antidote to the utterly amoral word and lifestyle of their criminal bosses. Thank you also for your many covert messages of support and your invaluable in-house information, so crucial to a successful challenge to this rancid banking culture  - especially the brave lady from RMA and the mole at Barclays head office. Lastly to the many senior bankers who so despise this site but simply have to follow it. Do you for one moment reflect on why it even exists? 

Until and unless Barclays bank fairly compensate me personally for their fraudulent dealing in my case (so typical of their rotten culture) and it’s effect upon as a pretty representative ordinary decent customer I promise to continue and to escalate this very public campaign for another two years.

Barclays have the expensive lawyers and surely the responsibility to their reputation and their sycophantic shareholders to challenge me in open court for all I say. Fortunately I have the evidence the truth the moral character to face them down alone.

Once again and Barclays have learned this to their cost, no decent English man can be effectively sued for telling the truth. Next year, when after a six year battle the financial Ombudsman finally awards me compensation against this sick organization I will take Barclays to court myself, someone had to do it. Please keep following me to see me heroically succeed or to crash and burn. All I ask is that you pass this site along we are not merely a gripe site we are not on Facebook. all we achieve is through word of mouth and we would not survive without you. Thank you and a very Merry Christmas to one and all.

12 December 2014
My Christmas Card to the bankers. Please feel free to copy and use it.

wfa card

27 November 2014
For anyone who wonders why on earth I am continuing with this campaign, please if you can catch up with Panorama last Monday 24th November at 8.30pm. ‘Did the bank wreck my business?’ All will then be clear. Austin Mitchell MP called senior bankers the Mafia in the House of Commons under cover of Parliamentary immunity. I call the vast majority of senior bankers immoral, arrogant, unethical, worthless, hubristic racketeers this includes those squirming to justify intentionally bankrupting and defrauding decent hard working businessmen simply to raise the funds to cover up their ubiquitous criminality. You will notice, as with Antony Jenkins of Barclays Bank, these gentlemen cannot and will not sue me for simply telling the truth.
I have been told many times that I could easily raise sufficient crowd funding to sue Barclays for compensation re my personal case using this website. I don’t think this would be right, this case is my battle and as a matter of principal and with the help of an Ombudsman’s appeal plus consequent funds I will sue Barclays for harassment, fraud deformation and consequential loss. This I promise probably early next year. Thank you all for sticking with me please keep watching.
I have been given to believe from very good sources that this campaign is now causing much displeasure and handwringing amongst those far more used to a very easy ride from the regulators et al.

26 November 2014
We really are getting somewhere now
This response from Ms Shafik and that from the FCA show that we are being
taken really seriously now by those who matter.

20 November 2014
I am still awaiting a promised response from the Deputy Governor of the Bank of England Dr Shafik
to the letter I hand delivered.
I was going to wax lyrical re the woeful state of interbank information technology and the now £200,million fines levied by the FCA on RBS (our money). Every expert other than the FCA recognises that high street bank IT is in urgent need of root and branch revolution to bring it into the 21st century, incredibly this has yet to happen. This morning on Radio 4 at 8.20am Tracey McDermott of the FCA was chosen to justify this woeful state of affairs. Hers was the short straw she did as well as anyone could have expected.  Instead in the last few hours white knight George Osborne along with his tacky band of high street bank lobbyists have been comprehensively thwarted by the EU court of Justice ruling in their despicable attempt to prevent a long awaited cap on banker bonuses. For once Europe has dealt an effective ethical blow against this turgid symbiotic British lead movement of politicians and senior bankers bent shamelessly on shoring up this sick culture of entitlement privileged and hubris so corrosive in a now openly and arrogantly disreputable City of London. One big health warning this ruling is not legally binding George is already working closely with bankers to diffuse any effect on senior banker pay. All this in your name!

For once I believe this to be a reasonable response.

12 November 2014
I have written to, talked to, and contacted the Police, Action Fraud, The Financial Conduct Authority, The Ministry of Justice, The Crown Prosecution Service, various politicians, regulators, The Independent Police Complaints Commission etc requesting an answer to the question ‘why has not one individual senior banker been criminalized or jailed for continued institutional bank fraud?’  On 5th November 2014 I hand delivered a letter to the Bank of England to the Deputy Governor in a last ditch effort to get an answer. Everyone I have contacted has gutlessly pleaded ‘not our remit’- surely this is not an excuse Ms Shafik can offer given her role as Deputy Governor. I await a reply but cannot honestly say with any confidence.
Another day another 2 billion pounds fines for banks yesterday I can't keep up!

4 November 2014
The IPCC have acknowledged receipt of my open letter and I quote
‘I regret that the IPCC is not able to provide the kind of information that you refer to and unfortunately, the question you raise does not fall within our remit’
I really do believe this is tongue in cheek, who the bloody hell’s remit is it for God’s sake?

27 October 2014

25 October 2014
Since my last contact with RMA Westminsters on Aug 11th 2014 and the subsequent expose of Barclays’ fake solicitors letters, led by Customers for Justice, both RMA and Westminsters have seemingly gone to ground (please try contacting them on (08700492334) maybe it is possible they do still exist in some Barclays back office somewhere ready to reemerge.

24 October 2014
I really must share the latest response received from Mr Antony Jenkins, c/o Barclays Head Office Customer Relations re my final demand for damages. This one is for all our Barclays followers, 15,000 at the last count. Never have I received such a naïve, floundering communication from any large corporation. Surely, if Westminsters were a bona fide solicitors regulated by the Law Society and not just a fake Barclay's construct created to blackmail vulnerable indebted customers, they would have sued me for misrepresentation long ago.  Barclays know that I have kept my best powder dry just incase they ever found the courage to confront me in court it is becoming more and more obvious that I am effectively tweaking the tail of rather a bewildered paper tiger.

7 October 2014
A very important 'Customers For Justice' open letter this time to the IPCC in summary of the
present state of play on line on 24th October 2014

Final demand to Antony Jenkins delivered to Barclays head office Canary Wharf
Final Demand

23 September 2014
I wonder just who the bright sparks were at Tesco headquarters who thought it sensible to pack or infest the Tesco board with bankers and that this decision would ever end well. Have they not been reading the papers? I suspect that the fraudulently upbeat profit forecasts these embedded fiscal geniuses have been caught out hoisting on the markets, (just the £250.000.000 discrepancy) is just the beginning of the poor old shareholders pain. Let’s be honest Tesco you really do make your own luck. Panic not I do believe ‘Fred the Shred’ has just become available and may be worth a ring.

17 September 2014
I am reading and heartily recommend Iain Martin’s excellent book ‘Making It Happen’ about how that truly great banker Sir Fred Goodwin, as he was then, blew up the British economy (bless him), with a little help from a few other bankers. Fred manages to make Caligula look like a pussy cat.

15 September 2014
Apologies for not posting an update for a few days, it clearly isn’t because the banks are behaving any less crookedly. I am currently embroiled in sensitive conversations with the Police Action Fraud and the Financial Ombudsman. I think it is better to await the outcome of these conversations before posting a clear update. I don’t want to compromise the decision. I fully intend to post a very comprehensive and revealing summation of these maneuvers, (with names) in due course. This will form the preliminary evidence re my intended court case against Barclays.
The effectiveness of my case will depend on the outcome of my appeal to the ombudsman and the consequent award (if any) I might receive. If the ombudsman justly and fairly reviews my evidence against Barclays, I am confident of success. When properly scrutinized, all who view this evidence (I have always offered) come to the same and inevitable conclusion i.e. Barclays willfully defamed, blackmailed and defrauded me.
Let’s wait and see.

7 September 2014
It is a fact that senior Daily Mail journalist follow my work on this site to expose banking criminality. I have spoken to them on several occasions recently; sadly for them 20,000+ others also follow this site. The supposed scoop featured on the front page of the Mail yesterday revealing spurious letters sent by banks including Barclays over the last eight years blackmailing vulnerable customers into paying money they possibly did but often did not owe is simply a lazy reflection of my far more comprehensive efforts. If they doubt my words Mail journalists might like to question the police, Action Fraud, the CPS, the FCA, the BBA, the IPCC various politicians etc etc. many of whom are frantically positioning themselves to deflect responsibility for not acting upon the clear evidence I have furnished them all with over the years on this very subject.
Antony Jenkins, Barclays Chief Executive was comprehensively and very publicly cornered by as long ago as March last year see   over the fake Westminster’s Solicitors letter I rebranded directly to him.  (Delivered by hand) This left him with no chance of claiming personal ignorance of this tacky fraud. I did this because the police would not act.  As you might imagine I am actually quite proud to see my efforts regurgitated in the tabloids after all, my greatest desire is to expose these criminal bankers for what they are. I suppose it would just be nice if the Mail et al would fess up t lazy journalism or better still give some due credit to or even occasionally feature the Barclays White Feather award they follow for tips and scoops. Earlier this year a high-flying twat from Barclay’s head office branded my ‘silly little campaign’ futile and pathetic which was typical inept judgment from one of Barclays best.

4 September 2014
Ex Chief Constable Roger Baker, speaking for Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary today said that offences such as ‘criminal damage’, burglary and car crime are now in real danger of being all but decriminalised by hard pressed police forces. Sir Hugh Orde president of ACPO states that police budget cuts of 26% are a real factor in this situation, other experts disagree! Please add mass bank fraud and blackmail to this list of decriminalised crimes.

1400+ children in Rotherham and countrywide were abandoned to craven Pakistani sex abuse due to unforgivable fear and sensitivity to possible accusations of racial stereotyping. What exactly is the strange hold and power bankers have over the police that leads to their particular immunity to investigation? It can’t be difficulty of evidence gathering these ubiquitous banking crimes are mostly admitted and the country continues to pay the cost.
Oh yes, as you might know in my case police did find a pressing priority to pursue me for ‘criminal damage’ for my heinous easy peal white feather sticker campaign against Barclays as luck would have it, Barclays withdrew their pathetic accusation fearing a confrontation with me in court. At present Mitcham Police and Action Fraud are fighting gamely over just who is responsibility it is, to not investigate my accusations of fraud and blackmail against Barclays.  Each insists it is the role of the other. Lastly 38% of last months hits on the Customers For Justice website were from Barclays staff, over 2000. Thanks all. Lions led by donkeys.

27 August 2014
When the FCA looked into over 160 cases where RBS had advised customers over mortgages only two of those were properly advised. RBS is currently under investigation for fraud on the foreign exchange rate markets, they have already 450 Libor fraud but still feel chipper enough to missell, misadvise and misappropriate.  Yet another fine will be levied upon them!! The problem is we the public own over 80% of RBS so who do you think will be paying the fine? 
Go on have a guess. Bankers fear no personal punishment re their past fraudulent dealings, and see no reason not to repeat their crimes, they are untouchable.
The chirpy chappy wheeled on this morning on Radio 4 to apologise for RBS continued fraud said the latest scandal was clearly unacceptable and unprofessional behaviour. This is understandable really banking is not a profession but a fraternity of wide boys, spivs, failed intellectuals, politicians and career fraudsters, fronted by a very decent increasingly exploited front of house staff who no longer even benefit from the once accepted perks of their trade.
Congratulations RBS you win the coveted ‘Fraudulent, Scummy, Fat Cat Bankers of the Week' award.
You should be very proud.

24 August 2014
Very significant and sensitive developments involving the Ombudsman, Action Fraud, the Police, Barclays and myself are currently underway. I cannot yet post details of this situation accurately as it really is a little sensitive. All I can say and I’m not trying to be unnecessarily mysterious is that things may be moving in something of a constructive and satisfactory direction. This said my White Feather campaign will continue until I believe total satisfaction has been achieved. It really would seem that my ‘silly little’ campaign has been rather more potent than some of the smug idiot hierarchy at Barclays have wished. ‘Hey Ho’!

4 August 2014
At 12.45 on ‘You and yours’ on Radio 4 Mr. Anthony Browne, The Chief Executive of The British Banker’s Association was wheeled on to attempt to explain the difference between a con man and your bank. Neither the presenter nor Mr. Browne managed to recognize the exquisite irony of this conundrum. As we all know there is no difference!

3 August 2014
Quite clearly, none of the establishment bodies either will or can explain why bankers are accepted by the judiciary and politicians as immune from prosecution. The simple fact is that the prevailing situation is unsustainable and unjust. They know this, but pathetically they cannot admit it or deny it. I will now look to taking Barclays on in court as kindly suggested by the FCA and CPS the Met Police are soon to visit me to discuss my complaint against them for inaction re my allegations against Barclays Bank. I have learned now to have few expectations of support from this direction or from others.

27 July 2014
Responses to formal questions posed  to the IPCC, CPS and FCA regarding why
bankers have not been prosecuted will be posted next weekend.

7 July 2014
You may have missed a piece by Paul Lewis on moneybox live on Friday 4 July they and the FCA have finally caught up with my exposé on the ‘Customers for Justice’ webite re spurious legal letters sent by banks to intimidate vulnerable customers. These are typically shabby tactics employed by tacky amoral companies. I personally received several of these letters from two different inhouse, Barclay’s legal constructs over 7 years ago. Come on Moneybox keep up, look at the ‘Customers for Justice’ website to see how I dealt with them and Mr Antony Jenkins. Once again, you can be assured that no police action will ensue. See my letter to the IPCC you just might feel that you owe me a mention for my campaign.

26 June 2014
Barclays Bank are today under formal criminal investigation by the US Attorney General for fraud, dishonesty and toxic trading in and around the New York Statement what a surprise!! Poor Antony Jenkins, his cleansing broom seems very short of bristles. Am I the only one in step and the only one who cares.
Yesterday WONGA were quite rightly fined and warned by the FSA for sending spurious legal letters demanding money from distressed clients. Barclays were sending the same threatening letters to me from spurious law firms seven years ago whilst blackmailing me for money I did not owe. Challenging though WONGA may seem, they actually learned all their fraudulent practice and their amoral business practice from Barclays et al.

23 June 2014
Last week, you may have seen on National Television news various MPs and cabinet ministers indulging in a sticker campaign, featuring photographs of preferred candidates. These were stuck on phone boxes, shop windows etc. by these MPs live on TV. I wonder when these gentlemen will receive their penalty notices for criminal damage? Justice really must be seen to be fair for all or it means nothing.

My letter to the Independent Police Complains Commission will be posted online in
approximately 10 days.

11 June 2014
In a week when in England unemployment is reducing according to the latest figures average wages are officially falling (fact).
Marshall Bailey of the AOI Financial Markets Association has called for an urgent new code of practice for bankers. He highlights the mass manipulation of foreign exchange markets i.e. the 4 O'clock rate fix. This massive insider trading scam has been rife in London for many years now and is well known to all in the business where it is blinkerdly tolerated. 40% of all foreign exchange business takes place in London. Marshall Bailey suggests that the financial consequenses of this malpractice could be as big as Libor.
Once again, not one of these fraudulent criminal bastards will ever face prosecution.
Bankers what are they like?

25th May 2014
I post my notice for 'criminal damage' against Barclays Mitcham just to show that I really am trying my damndest to manoeuvre a confrontation with Barclays in open court.

penalty notice

Sadly and rather predictably I have now received a letter from the MET Police instructing me to ignore the notice and that no fine or indeed any action will now ensue following this ludicrous allegation. What does a man have to do to get arrested in this country? Well, obviously rather more than Barclays metal trader Daniel Plunkett did when he manipulated the gold market the day after Barclays were fined £29,000,000 for fixing the Libor rate. Barclay’s innate institutional criminality is alive and well. If you fail to pay your TV licence, you eventually go to jail, an odious Barclay’s trader, Chief Exec or investment banker defrauds the country of billions and admits it and nothing happens.

Not one of these self confessed criminals has been jailed yet – why? Well I will tell you, a little known fact - banks have a prosecution deferment agreement with regulators politicians and the courts. Meaning they remain immune to prosecution whatever they do. A good deal if you can get it.
Place ‘white feather stickers’ today on banks up and down Threadneedle Street once again including the Bank of England doors - oh yes and on Barclays Mitcham.

20th May 2014
Sir Richard Lambert, ex head of the CBI is fronting up a brave new body ‘without’ statutory powers, to in his words, ‘chivvy, encourage and appeal’ to bankers to institute new more ethical rules for the industry. There will be no enforcement or indeed sanctions for those ignoring his expectations. I would not normally use such language but Sir Richard - fat chance, dream on son. Are you possibly the most recklessly naive man in Britain or the new British Banking Association’s moral smokescreen?

New figures from the office of National statistics Britain’s richest 1% now own as much as the poorest 55% combined.

16 May 2014
As Barclays have now announced the cutting of 19,000 jobs, it would be interesting to compare the average redundancy package of the ordinary decent retail banker about to lose his or her career with the golden handshake handed out to their 7000 investment counterparts. My suspicion would be that approx 7000 new multi millionaires are about to hit the property market.
One good outcome of all of this might be to finally end the endless pontification by the banking elite that massive bonuses must remain a fundamental component of an investment banker’s pay packet, or god forbid these masters of the universe may fly abroad to ply their vampiric trade. Surely now there will be such a glut and an available pool of discredited expertise that now sensible pay packages may begin to challenge this banking myth.
Like estate agency, banking is not and has never been a profession the only actual qualifications required to become a successful investment banker appears to be greed, hubris, arrogance, and a well honed fiscal ineptitude. Oh yes and an off shore bank account.
I’m continuing in my attempt to force Barclays to confront me.
PS. The Nelson Triptych will remain on exhibition at Chatham dockyard for a second year at their request.

7 May 2014
Following my BBC interview last week in the queue at the Barclays AGM I have now received a letter from the MET police stating that my penalty notice for criminal damage to Barclays Bank Mitcham should now be ignored and that no fine will be payable and no further action taken. This means that rather predictably, I will now be temporarily denied the opportunity to contest this pathetic allegation and to at last confront Barclays Bank in open court.

I asked the MET if I would now have to repeat my infamous sticker crimes to generate another penalty notice. The answer was yes unfortunately I would have to. I will again do what I have to do to drag those teflon coated cowards at Barclays to a possibly unique criminal confrontation even if it has to be me standing in the dock.

6 May 2014
I visited Mitcham Barclays Bank today spoke to the Manager. I informed her that the police had messed up the paperwork for their criminal allegation against me and asked if she would report me to the police again so we could get on with this farce. This very pleasant lady appeared a little nonplussed and I now once again await Barclays next move.

You couldn’t make this up and I can assure you and I can prove that non of this is made up.

4 May 2014
I stuck 3 more white feather stickers on Barclays Bank Mitcham today

1st May 2014
I phoned Action Fraud (0300 123 2040) the dedicated police department for fraud allegations I outlined my predicament and the continued and historical failure of the police to take my allegations against Barclays Bank seriously over the past five years despite the very clear evidential opportunity to do so.  This conversation was recorded at my request apparently, because Barclays eventually covered my spurious debt after three years of blackmail and harassment technically the MET could see no existing case for fraud to be answered.
Ask yourselves if you would be treated with such studied leniency if you defrauded Barclays Bank and when caught red handed were force grudgingly to replace the money you stole would there be consequences, would that be an end to it? The answer is crystal clear one law for the arrogant criminal banker quite another for you and I.


24 April 2014

I went to the Barclays AGM today at the Royal Festival Hall. I was interviewed by Jonty Bloom of the BBC on the way in and I also met some interesting like-minded people and would like to mention a very pleasant and personable lady from Action Aid who was keen to promote my campaign. They too have a very worthy message to impart. After the meeting I went to the Bank of England and stuck a sticker on the doors. This I expect should trigger my prosecution for criminal damage against Barclays Bank. For comment please phone Alan Suttie on 07856 662 143.

21 April 2014

I’m still awaiting confirmation of my court date for ‘Criminal Damage’ against Barclay’s Bank. I will pass this date on as soon as I hear and all will be invited to attend my day in court
to witness my demise.

Please don’t forget Barclays AGM at 11.00am on Thursday 24th April 2014 in the Royal Festival Hall, London, any mention of ‘The White Feather Award’ by anyone at this event would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Alan Suttie on 07856 662 143 if tempted.


31 March 2014

On Monday March 31st two Met Police officers came to my home to serve me with a formal warning for criminal damage (it’s called a penalty order for disorder) I intend to contest this allegation in court. During this second home visit I once again told these officers that I wanted to formally accuse Barclays Bank of harassment, blackmail, defamation and consequential financial loss over a three year period. Once again, though seemingly sympathetic the officers refused to pursue my allegations. It really does now clearly appear that blackmail, harassment and defamation, when visited upon an innocent customer by a bank is deemed less of a criminal act than placing ‘easy peel’ 6” x 4” stickers on cash machines in protest. The police, the regulators, the politicians, the FCA clearly will do all that is possible to avoid pursuing bankers in court for their admitted criminality. This course of action is now left to the far more vulnerable and ill equipped individual. Though a daunting prospect, I now intend to attempt this. Following my court appearance for disorder I will now take civil court action against Barclays. There is no alternative other than mere capitulation, as I lack the subservience gene so evident in others this is not an option.

I have agreed to end my 'white feather’ campaign until the outcome of my court appearance is known. This of course does not prevent anyone else from downloading and sharing this image on my behalf. This will be the last update until I receive my court summons. I will post the date and venue for this when I know it.
Please share this campaign with all who might lend their moral support, thank you I will need it.


 22 March 2014

Two very decent officers from the Met, Mitcham Police division paid me a home visit yesterday to warn me that if I continued my Barclay’s White feather easy-peal sticker campaign, I would be formally cautioned for my actions. Barclays Bank Mitcham had accused me of CRIMINAL DAMAGE. Not wanting to waste police time, I requested that my case should progress to formal caution immediately as I fully intend to continue my campaign. They could not do this it was procedurally impossible.

I will be placing stickers as usual this week on the Bank of England doors, various banks throughout the City of London, in and around Threadneedle Street and yes once more very prominently on Barclays Bank Mitcham. My aim as ever is simply to expose Barclays for the cowardly, fraudulent bunch they are and to cause them the reputational and actual financial damage they inflicted on me and my family over a harrowing 3 year period with seeming utter impunity.

If the judiciary, the invertebrate regulators and the complicit politicians will not bring these cretinous, fraudulent, idiots to account, I will attempt to do so personally. I will end up with a criminal record for my dastardly and damagingly reckless stickers and every single banker will go scot free and unblemished for their contribution to the British way of life.

Alternatively, if Barclays could somehow find either the courage to sue me for my very clear accusations or the decency to fairly compensate me for their blackmail harassment and criminal fraud against me, I would not need to go further. I will become a criminal; they will continue business as usual with a new financial bubble looming and because of our futile cowed acceptance of their actions,
not a single lesson learned.

I have no alternative, how could I possibly afford to sue Barclays Bank? Mere capitulation is not an option for me and should not be for anyone.

9 March 2014

I will be putting a 'White Feather' sticker on The Bank of England at 1.00pm today.

4 March 2014

Two of many letters sent to me by Barclays during their three year campaign against me, one of which was sent while I was in hospital suffering from a severe heart condition, brought on in part by Barclay's threatening behaviour. I am now sending Antony Jenkins a similar letter and await his response with some stoicism - what fun!

colmans westminster

Letter from Colemans-ctts
click logo to view

Letter from Westminsters Solicitors
click logo to view
Our response letter
click logo to view

This letter was sent to Antony Jenkins on Thursday March 6th personally by special delivery.

Just a few thank yous - to Anna, Jeremy, Sean from Dublin, Myra and Keith all from Barclays. It's great to know you are following my efforts with interest and thanks for your support. To Robert - sorry you feel that what I am doing is probably all made up, surely it would be for Barclays to sue me for defamation if this was the case or have the decency to compensate me if true.

Why am I continuing with this, some may ask? It is important for ordinary customers to treat these idiot bankers with the contempt they have earned and deserved. They have no viable defence.

20 February 2014

I have decided that I am not going to mention anymore the Barclays bankers so
regularly charged with serious criminality.
I simply can’t keep up. 
Watch this space.

18 February 2014

Yesterday, Monday Feb 17th at 11am I phoned the Financial Conduct Authority and told them of my ‘White Feather Campaign’ i.e. with stickers on banks throughout the City of London, including on the doors of the bank of England. I also told them that the Financial Ombudsman Service was actively perusing my case against Barclays, out of the blue, and a mere three hours later I was called by a senior adjudicator from the FOS who informed me that after two years and with no prior indication, the FOS had decided to drop my case. I asked her point blank if the Financial Conduct Authority had phoned her that morning to put pressure on her and she would not deny it. She did however admit that she had received several recent emails from Mr. Connor O’Brien the man at Barclays managing my case, she agreed that I had very good reason to pursue Barclays and that I had been treated dreadfully but the FOS would not now support me. What a coincidence that she should after two years phone me to pull the plug a mere three hours after my contact with the FCA and having received Connor O’Brien’s communication. This whole twenty-minute conversation was recorded on my insistence for future reference. On a more personal level she did not seem proud of her decision but orders have to be followed.

Two weeks prior to this call and following my letter to the FOS, they confirmed that my original case against Barclays was under reinvestigation, and most significantly they urged me to put in a fresh claim for PPI misselling as my existing dispute with Barclays was not this. Now all of a sudden I am informed that I should not have been told this as it could be seen as duplication. It had always been made clear that my case was not a simple PPI misselling case. Why after 2 years should this change all of a sudden.

Barclays, the Financial Conduct Authority and now the Ombudsman themselves have now seemingly constructed a convenient dead end for my case with the regulators. This sadly leaves me with no alternative other than to continue my campaign until arrested.  Only then can I truly reveal the treatment Barclays believe to be acceptable for their so-called valuable customers

17 February 2014

Last Friday I placed 20 more white feather stickers on banks of all types in the City of London including two more on the Bank of England. I then phoned the bank of England, admitted who I was and what I had done. The very decent gentleman I spoke to was not sure how they would deal with this but told me he would inform the publicity department. I further told him that I had now placed over 200 stickers on banks throughout London and that I would be charged by the Met Police if any of these banks formally complained of my actions. To date the banks have chosen not to contact the police in the reasonable hope that I will eventually give up. Unless Barclays chose to sue me or compensate me, I will not.

Remember, my experience could so easily be your experience in the future if Barclays refuse to recognise their fraudulent behaviour to ordinary customers and then put it right. Please contact Mr Connor O’Brien customer experience Manager BID on 0035 316 087113 with your observations. This gentleman is doing his utmost for Barclays to manage and deflect the effects of my campaign. You could ask him why Barclays will not face me in court. Clearly, ordinary customers could never afford to sue Barclays and Barclays know this. I would relish the chance to defend my accusations against them forensically, publicly and in open court, Barclays with their expensive lawyers, me, litigant in person armed only with evidence and the truth.

13 February 2014

In true banking cartel fashion Lloyds Bank have now adopted the Barclay’s model and have increased their bonuses this year by another 10% in another year of massive bank failure.

11 February 2014

With Barclays investment arm profits down 37% last year Mr Antony Jenkins today announced a 13% rise in bonuses for their investment bankers. Not just reward for failure as usual, but also a culture and ethical decision Mr Jenkins singularly failed to justify on Radio 4 this morning. I do hope the many thousands of ordinary decent retail bank staff who Barclays have made redundant today have not all been sacrificed to the reckless, inept and profligate hubris of their bullet proof brothers in casino banking? Does Mr Jenkins really deserve for Barclays, as he suggests, to now be seen as the Go To bank?
I do worry that sometimes people are making this up.

8 February 2014

Barclays have now been found to have mislaid or have had stolen 27,000 personal customer files.
These are now being sold to regulators for £50 a file.
State of the art security never was Barclay’s forte or priority -
too busy with far more profitable toxic dealing.


Recently I was warned by a Metropolitan Police Inspector that if I continued posting white feather stickers on banks I will eventually be charged with criminal damage and could then receive a criminal record. I do hope the Met don’t alert COBRA or evoke the terrorist act when arresting me for deploying my dangerously subversive easy-peel stickers.
Today Lloyds Bank have committed another £1.8 billion towards there PPI compensation pot, bringing their own total liability to £10 billion for PPI misselling alone. Not one of these high street bank crooks has ever been charged with criminality. How ironic then and totally predictable that 'little old me', the easy target will be pursued by the police for rocking the boat when those who willfully wrecked the country's financies remain with unblemished records. If I am charged I do hope others will carry on this campaign and lend me
support on my day in court.

After her four-year tenure as boss of the Financial Ombudsman Service, having been personally famous for her efforts to challenge banks for misselling PPI. Natalie Ceeney has now joined one of her main antagonists HSBC as head of customer standards.
She only left the FOS at the end of last year.
Watch out Mr. Osborne and Mr. Balls – with morals like these this lady is destined for the very top. She takes with her much valuable and sensible knowledge which can now be effectively used by HSBC to undermine the many claims of those she once so ardently represented.  This on a day when Barclays and HSBC have been exposed by regulators for clearly plotting to undermine the edict from Europe aimed
at capping banker’s bonuses.
You remember this is the one Cameron and Osborne fought so hard to thwart last year.

Two weeks ago seven Barclay’s senior staff in North London were convicted for plotting massive cyber fraud on Barclays Bank customers. You may have missed this.
business as usual.


wf1 wf4 wf1
White feather sticker on the doors of
the Bank of England. These stickers are not virtual images.


This is a close up of the sticker on the Bank of England doors. These stickers will reappear on banks throughout London for the next three years. Barclays Bank Mitcham. These stickers have remained on this dispenser for a period of six weeks.


About a week after Christmas I received a very combative phone call from a rather irate chap from Barclay’s Head Office. He would not give his name, but was adamant that none of those contacting me with messages of support and encouragement were Barclay’s staff. Totally incorrect, but I imagine none are actually fat-cats from head office. He also confidently assured me that my futile little campaign would be utterly ignored and come to nothing. Maybe head office should stop ringing me then, methinks they are a little rattled! To date, of the many thousands of hits on this site, over 300 are from Barclay’s staff. Strangely, he went on to question the profile of the JetSet charity, the calibre of those I worked with and the relevance of my efforts in the Wandle Valley and nationally at the time of my accident in September 2005. In answer and to clarify I humbly offer the two small pieces below and leave judgement to the better informed Mr Pike et al in the JetSet journal and the highly respected and learned Brian Clarke of the Times.

In a separate communication from a very decent lady at Barclays, (not head office) I was warned to be very careful and that my campaign was not without risk. I do understand this but believe it is important to make a stand. This lady suggested that my campaign and website was now seen by many less senior personnel as a very welcome and valuable surrogate forum properly reflecting staff disgust at the values of their own leadership.